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Poetry and music celebrating the earth we live on and the love that unites us all.
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A Sounds True Classic

“Oh quiet animal, sleeping,
What dreams lie within your cells?”
—Julia Cameron, from This Earth

This Earth was recorded high in the Rocky Mountains on four crisp autumn days and starry nights. A mountain lion came to visit. A hawk kept sentinel. Deer gathered just below. It was as if the poems and music caught their attention, tuning in to some deep inner resonance with the spirits of these animals.

Written in a blaze in 21 days of teaching and touring, This Earth is a partnering of verse and harmony intended by its creators to be a hymn of healing. It is passionate, romantic, provocative, and political. It is an anthem, a lullaby, a torch song, and a prayer. Calling us to remember who we are and why we love each other, it invites us to set aside differences of race, religion, country, culture, and gender. Above all, it invites us to celebrate This Earth.

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Contents Digital Audio (48 minutes)
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ISBN Number 978-1-62203-254-9
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Julia Cameron

About Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron is the author of the national bestselling book, The Artist's Way. An award winning writer and director, she has created feature films, movies of the week and episodic television, six full-length plays, and hundreds of articles and stories for national publications ranging from Rolling Stone to Vogue to the New York Times. Julia Cameron's current focus is music and sound healing. Her most recent work, Avalon, is a musical based on the Arthurian legend and set in modern times.

Tim Wheater

About Tim Wheater

Tim Wheater is a flautist, composer, performer, and teacher. His multidimensional talent has enabled him to work with diverse groups such as major symphony orchestras, the popular rock band The Eurythmics, and jazz soloist James Galway at the Eastman School of Music in New York.