Advanced Energy Anatomy

The Science of Co-Creation and Your Power of Choice

Advanced Energy Anatomy

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The energy of creation is real. According to Dr. Caroline Myss, this unlimited power source is available right now—if you know the science of how to access it.

Now, for the first time, this bestselling author and medical intuitive reveals a bold program for excavating the deep unconscious forces that block the flow of energy through your life with Advanced Energy Anatomy. On this nine-session curriculum, Dr. Myss reviews her results with thousands of people in search of healing, and identifies the one power that can literally change the future: your power of choice. Each choice you make can bring you into partnership with the divine, Dr. Myss teaches, in a sacred process between you and the divine that she calls co-creation.

To open the divine mystery and work with it as your partner in creation, Dr. Myss identifies four central archetypes and seven principles of co-creation. Join Dr. Myss as she explores how to work with these principles, and apply them to the most important areas of your life: money, relationships, career, creativity, and spirituality.

Advanced Energy Anatomy guides you to a new understanding of how archetypes and other unconscious forces relate to problems of health, addiction, self-esteem, and victimhood, while opening you to partnership with the divine power that makes everything in life possible.


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Customer Reviews

Review for Advanced Energy Anatomy Review by Aileen S

I am so pleased with the purchases I have made and cherish the items that I have ordered from you. Caroline Myss has changed my view of the world and has altered the direction my life is taking. The info from Caroline and the way she presents them are life altering.

(Posted on 12/29/2013)

Review for Advanced Energy Anatomy Review by Kathleen Judge

Advanced Energy Anatomy has given me answers to questions that have plagued me for years ! I love Carolyn Myss. I get in my car, and play the CD's and I feel like I have a trusted and wise friend there beside me....and in a way... I do !

(Posted on 7/11/2012)

Review for Advanced Energy Anatomy Review by Jolanka Muratovic

Thank you,the teachings helped me a great deal,to appreciate my body.From now on I never look at my body a same way! the body is a temple for the spirit.How wonderful is this?

(Posted on 7/10/2012)

Review for Advanced Energy Anatomy Review by Martha N

Caroline Myss, What else can you say. She is to the point. Her insights are alive and current, flowing perfectly from energetic dynamics that constantly arise and unfold in our world and in our lives. Her wisdom truly touches my life in a vitally corrective way. This is living information and deep wisdom. Trans-formative.

(Posted on 7/5/2012)

Review for Advanced Energy Anatomy Review by Lori Ingram

Love the product, but it took so long to be delivered-about 2 weeks. But, worth waiting for, so will order from sounds true again!

(Posted on 7/3/2012)

Review for Advanced Energy Anatomy Review by Alyson Cesarz

Everything Caroline Myss does is incredible!

(Posted on 7/2/2012)

Review for Advanced Energy Anatomy Review by Linda Reneau

Essential for a well-rounded view of energy work. In clear, simple terms, Myss shows us how to focus our energy (using our power of choice) to accomplish what we came here to do.

(Posted on 3/5/2012)

Review for Advanced Energy Anatomy Review by Judith A Williams

I love everything Caroline Myss has ever done. To me she is a nothing short of a Modern Day Mystic!

(Posted on 9/26/2011)

Review for Advanced Energy Anatomy Review by Raquel Flores

I purchased both Energy Anatomy as well as Advanced Energy Anatomy. Both programs present very interesting information. As I learn more about the subject, go back to hearing the programs and each time is like there are things that I did not understand or has a different meaning. I highly recommend this audiobook.

(Posted on 9/25/2011)

Review for Advanced Energy Anatomy Review by Ronny Buesser

So far this is the best audio book I got from Caroline Myss. I'm addicted to her as she call's a spade a spade and kick some butt. I have tried others but Caroline is the one I'm most comfortable with. Thank you

(Posted on 9/11/2011)

Review for Advanced Energy Anatomy Review by Christena Rockey

Advanced Energy Anatomy helped me identify my self-talk and look at it in an entirely different way - I'm telling everyone I know to either buy the book or the audio CDs! What a difference they have made in my life! Many Thanks Sounds True for offering such quality, spiritual guidance.

(Posted on 8/15/2011)

Review for Advanced Energy Anatomy Review by Don Ely

I really enjoyed the series and will listen to it again... Helpful and Insightful!

(Posted on 4/20/2011)



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