Tea and Cake with Demons
A Buddhist Guide to Feeling Worthy

The “non-self-help” guide to finding your worth, from a next-generation Buddhist teacher

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In Tea and Cake with Demons, Adreanna Limbach brings secular Buddhist teachings to a new generation by addressing one of the most pressing concerns we all face—authentic self-worth. “Our ambition, goal-setting, self-helping, and even our spiritual practices are often driven by the underlying sense that we just aren’t enough,” writes Limbach, “But what if we could accept ourselves just as we are? Open our hearts and invite our demons to tea?”

These demons, Limbach teaches, manifest for many of us as a chronic sense of “not-enoughness,” inherited through cultural stories that send us conflicting messages: we’re supposed to feel happy and confident, but we’re also never quite worthy of those feelings. Using the Four Noble Truths as a guide, Limbach shares meditation practices, personal anecdotes, and traditional Buddhist tales that help us learn to befriend ourselves—even the more unsavory bits—so we can realize our full potential. A popular mindfulness teacher and emerging voice in modern Buddhism, Limbach brings a playful, fresh, and at times joyfully irreverent tone to walking the Eightfold Path.


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Paperback Book

Contents 1 Paperback Book (206 pages)
Date Published July 09, 2019
ISBN-10 1-68364-122-1
Dimensions 5.25 x 5 inches
Product Code BK05412