The Language of Emotions
What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You

What if every feeling—even anger and fear—was bringing you vital information and wisdom?
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Emotions—especially the dark and dishonored ones—hold a tremendous amount of energy. We’ve all seen what happens when we repress or blindly express them. With The Language of Emotions, empathic counselor Karla McLaren shows you how to meet your emotions and receive their life-saving wisdom to safely move toward resolution and equilibrium. Through experiential exercises covering a full spectrum of feelings from anger, fear, and shame to jealousy, grief, joy, and more, you will discover how to work with your own and others’ emotions with fluency and expertise.

Here is a much-needed resource filled with revolutionary teachings and breakthrough skills for cultivating a new and empowering relationship with your feeling states through The Language of Emotions.



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Wow Review by Jess


Having read some reviews of the audio version of this book that were displeased with the pace/tone of delivery, I decided to buy the paperback version, and I am so glad I did.
Talk about a nuanced, integrated, compassionate expose on the world of emotions, the instability that unresolved trauma creates, and the whole-person approach needed to not just 'bounce back' but actually come through our nightmarish experiences as more fully initiated human beings. I actually found it to be a work of emotional genius, in the truest sense of the word. I needed to be able to flip between chapters, and to let sentences sink in, one at a time. I felt like Karla was, yes, literally putting language to the world of emotions. A world that, to me at least, is both terrifying terrain and healing water on this un-mapped journey of being a sensitive, empathic being in this world that needs so much healing. (Posted on February 22, 2016)

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One of Soundstrue's best offerings! Review by matt-f


I have listened to many audiobook and speakers on emotions and most have major faults in logic or assumptions which are tied so heavily to specific philosophies or religions. This is a balanced, informed, and most importantly, practical and useful, discussion on recognizing emotions and both the virtues and potential pitfalls of them. (Posted on September 15, 2015)

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Review for The Language of Emotions Review by Mindy A


I was fascinated by the interview with much so that I ordered two of her books. Unfortunately, I feel that Karla restates her premise on Empathy and emotion repeatedly without actually giving me the substance. Because I am empathic, I am able to intuit what she means...but that was not my intention when ordering her books. I was hoping for a clear treatise on empathy and emotion from a grounded perspective to add to my own experience and education. She has a vast and deep personal understanding of her subject but her writing lacks the concise clarity I was looking for. Both books are still by my bed and neither has been read through...her language apparently is not mine. Very disappointing.
I was also struck by her about face on her healing career. Science goes a long way in explaining much that could be termed "psychic"
...but science has not yet explained, nor did Karla explain, how a healer is able to impact a state of body, mind or soul. Empathy is not the action that clears, aligns or restructures. Empathy "reads" the situation and sometimes offers a potential solution to that situation but empathy does not actively change the situation. The "placebo" effect might address a small percentage of healing responses and simple discussion and/or acknowledgement of certain stressors might address another percentage of healing does one explain away the rest? Is there even a need for an explanation?
My empathic hunch would be that Karla is in the process of embracing a disowned self...
a scientific academic disowned self. Sadly unnecessary to disown her empathic healer self in order to embrace her scientific academic self. Why not both/and where the sum is greater than the parts? (Posted on December 22, 2013)

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Review for The Language of Emotions Review by Viola G


Each of us can have a toolkit for dealing with our emotions and with trauma. There is great value in Karla McLaren's work toward this end. (Posted on February 8, 2013)

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