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Tibetan Dream Yoga

A Complete System for Becoming Conscious in Your Dreams

Tibetan Dream Yoga

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In the secret teachings of ancient Tibet, the dream state is known as "Fourth Time," a malleable realm where the past, present, and future meet. It was here that the first meditation masters of Tibet developed a way to speed their progress through the stages of enlightenment—while they were asleep.

On Tibetan Dream Yoga, respected meditation teacher Lama Surya Das teaches these exercises to awaken fully within the fabric of our dreams—plus specific yogic dreaming techniques to enhance creativity, overcome deep-rooted fears, and free ourselves from harmful habits in our waking lives. Enhanced features include video exercises from Lama Surya Das' Tibetan Energy Yoga and Natural Meditation, the flute music of Tibetan musician Nawang Khechog, and an interview with the author.



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Customer Reviews

Review for Tibetan Dream Yoga Review by Catalphia Stone

Lama Surya Das' presentation of Tibetan Dream Yoga has exponentially amplified the expansive impact of my dreams. His presentation is organized, enthusiastic, and easy to follow. Thank you! Thank you!

(Posted on 7/27/2013)

Review for Tibetan Dream Yoga Review by Carolyn K

Lama Das' presentation is beautiful and articulate, simultaneously conceptual and personal. Although I have worked daily with my dreams for a number of years, their transformational effect has increased exponentially since I've begun working with Tibetan Dream Yoga. Thank you, thank you!

(Posted on 7/27/2013)

Review for Tibetan Dream Yoga Review by Nancy P

wonderful! thank you <3

(Posted on 5/8/2013)

Review for Tibetan Dream Yoga Review by Tony

I had accomplished much in my yoga practice,even moving past sense of fear and recognition of pain, but it was not until I tried dream yoga that I moved into the void for the first time and started or awakened the ability to see animal guides in my dreams, helping me to understand and spiritually guide me through both normal dreams and prophetic dreams, yes they do exist as this realm is not as time bound as our normal waking conciousness. Highly recommend adding this to your meditational and yoga practices. I only watched and followed the instructions once and had a profound lucid dream the first night, but I was also somewhat accomplished at meditation before I tried this. See what happens for you!

(Posted on 4/16/2013)

Review for Tibetan Dream Yoga Review by Ellen Manning

Excellent, clear discussion and exercises for preparing for lucid dreaming techniques and beyond. I love the preparatory chanting. Great insight for those looking to connect to their higher selves during the dream state.

(Posted on 12/30/2011)

Review for Tibetan Dream Yoga Review by Marilyn Wadick

Hi -I have not actully listenned to the cds yet as I have been away.However I was alarmed to find the first cd provided only links to the internet-as this had not been mentioned in the advertising. I had bought the cd as a gift and wondered 'what if my friend did not have the internet?' Perhaps there is some mention that it is an ecd? And I missed it? I was glad to find the 2nd cd is a 'normal' one! That is my only comment so far and when I get the chance to review the other cds I purchased I will let you know! Thanks,Marilyn

(Posted on 12/25/2011)

Review for Tibetan Dream Yoga Review by miriam morales

glad that i order this cd

(Posted on 3/16/2011)


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