Mitchell Gaynor

Mitchell Gaynor, MD (1956–2015), was a board-certified medical oncologist, internist, and hematologist. He is also a bestselling author who published numerous books, including Nurture Nature Nurture Health: Your Health and The Environment; The Healing Power of Sound: Recovery from Life-Threatening Illness Using Sound, Voice, and Music; Dr. Gaynor’s Cancer Prevention Program (developed with Jerry Hickey, RPh); and Healing Essence: A Cancer Doctor’s Practical Program for Hope and Recovery.
Dr. Gaynor pioneered the use of sound, chanting, and music, in conjunction with metal and crystal singing bowls, as an adjunct to conventional medical therapy. Dr. Gaynor treated thousands of patients with his healing sessions using meditation and chanting with Tibetan bowls, as well as his sponsorship of spiritual retreats in southern India. Dr. Gaynor was a frequent speaker and lecturer at hospitals, conferences, and universities throughout America and abroad. Dr. Gaynor was director of medical oncology at Weill-Cornell Medical College for Complementary and Integrative Medicine. He was also the director of medical oncology at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center.