Radical Compassion Challenge

Radical Compassion Challenge

A 10-Day Journey to Awaken our Hearts and Bring Healing to our World

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With our global health and economic crises, racial and social justice struggles, and cultural divisions on the rise, it can feel like there’s little we can do about it. But is that really true?

As Tara Brach says, “The medicine our world needs is widening circles of compassion—we need to love ourselves and each other into healing.”

With the Radical Compassion Challenge, this revered meditation teacher invites you to join her and a luminary gathering of guest speakers in a 10-day odyssey of life-changing insights and practices for growing compassion in ourselves and others.

Own the Radical Compassion Challenge Package

What you’ll receive: 

  • 10 guided audio meditations and daily lessons
  • Own each teaching and practice session from the Radical Compassion Challenge to help make living this wisdom second nature to you

  • 10 video interviews and transcripts
  • Revisit any of our in-depth interview sessions with Tara Brach and our Radical Compassion Challenge luminaries, at your convenience and pace

    • PLUS, you’ll receive these three bonus audio programs:
    • Self-Compassion Step by Step: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself with Kristin Neff, PhD
    • The Mindful Brain: The Neurobiology of Well-Being with Daniel J. Siegel, MD
    • Mindfulness Meditation: Nine Guided Practices to Awaken Presence and Open Your Heart with Tara Brach

    Through ten engaging sessions with Tara and her fellow presenters, the Radical Compassion Challenge explores:

    Why compassion begins with the person in the mirror (we can’t give what we don’t have), and how to receive practical guidance on being kinder to yourself

    How to Widen Our "Circles"
    Learn to extend compassion to broader and broader circles, from friends and family, to your neighbors and coworkers, to the larger communities we share

    The Neuroscience of Compassion
    Discover the evolutionary advantages of compassion, and the ways that our natural compassion can become either blocked or enhanced

    • The RAIN of Compassion
    Experience Tara Brach’s multipurpose meditation for releasing shame and blame, finding forgiveness, returning to presence, and deepening compassion

    Healing Through Love
    Learn about the power of “revolutionary love” to transform our world, accessing the divine feminine warrior within, and ways to keep our hearts wide open

    • Gratitude, Appreciation, and Understanding
    Teachings and practices for seeing the good in others, finding our common ground, offering support, and expressing appreciation


    Join 10 Worldwide Leaders to Support You in the Art & Practice of Compassion:

    With Tara Brach, this program also brings you the wisdom of ten thought leaders and visionaries to inspire and engage your compassion on an ongoing basis. The sessions include:


    A Merciful, Loving Presence

    Elizabeth Gilbert - New York Times bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love


    Bridging the Divides That Separate Us

    Van Jones - CEO of REFORM Alliance, CNN commentator, host of The Redemption Project and The Van Jones Show 


    How Mindfulness Can Heal the World 

    Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD - Internationally renowned scientist, author, and meditation teacher 


    Revolutionary Love

    Valarie Kaur - Civil rights activist and leader of the Revolutionary Love Project


    Hardwired for Compassion

    Dacher Keltner, PhD - Professor of psychology and founding director of the Greater Good Science Center


    The Yin and Yang of Self-Compassion

    Kristin Neff, PhD - Pioneering self-compassion researcher, author, and teacher


    Creativity, Presence, and Compassion

    Sandra Oh - Actress


    Becoming an Architect of Change

    Maria Shriver - Journalist, author, and founder of The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement


    The Neuroscience of Compassion

    Daniel J. Siegel, MD - New York Times bestselling author and neuropsychiatrist


    Courage and Compassion

    Krista Tippett - Founder and CEO of The On Being Project


    Are you ready to grow your compassion—and put it into action to heal and transform both ourselves and our world?  



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