The Yoga Sutras is an ancient text that, more than any other, defines what yoga is and how it can be practiced. Written in Sanskrit, the mother tongue and sacred language of India, the Yoga Sutras teach us about applying universal principles in our lives—principles such as nonviolence, truthfulness, and a commitment to self-development and the cultivation of wisdom and openheartedness.

In this bonus session with Nicolai Bachman, the author chants the first chapter (or “pada”) of the Yoga Sutras, “Samadhi Pada.” Samadhi (or “absorption”) is an advanced stage of yoga practice that is discussed in detail in this part of the text. The chapter jumps right in to the various fluctuations present in the heart-mind (or “citta”), then provides ways to quell those distracting thoughts. Please refer to chapter two in The Path of the Yoga Sutras for more information about citta.

Yoga Sutras Chapter 1: Samadhi Pada
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