78 Acts of Liberation

Tarot to Transform Our World
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A guide to reading tarot not only as a tool for personal reflection but also as an invitation to community engagement and social change

While many think of tarot as a personal tool for self-reflection, there’s a broader, more social history behind these indelible cards of divination—a hidden source of inspiration and power that can speak directly to the collective yearning for change so many of us feel. In 78 Acts of Liberation, tarot reader and activist Lane Smith offers a guide to using the cards with an eye toward collective justice and liberation.

Smith invites us to explore power through the lens of tarot—both our own ability to create change and power dynamics in the world. They reveal the little-known history of tarot and the way the deck and readings have changed over time, encouraging us to explore the archetypes in new ways. Each card offers a question for not only individual reflection but also social consideration. Throughout, Smith shares examples from social movements—from the Indigenous Water Protectors to #MeToo—that illustrate how we can put the power of these timeless archetypes into action.

The tarot deck offers seventy-eight invitations for reflection and change—not only in our inner world, but beyond—change that can feel joyful, hopeful, freeing, and empowering. As Smith explains, “Truth alone will not set us free. We have to act on it.” This guide offers inspiration for action.
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Audio - Preorder (Available August 20, 2024)
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Lane Smith

About Lane Smith

Lane Smith has over 20 years of experience as a tarot reader, organizer, and activist. They are the editor of the Tarot & Politics zine and a member of the Solidarity Tarot group in Baltimore. With master’s degrees in both social work and humanities and social thought, they were involved in the movement that helped end the death penalty in Maryland, public health supporting harm reduction, and more. Smith lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Visit mxlanesmith.com for more.

Author photo © Devon Rowland