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Chakra Activation

An Online Course for Empowerment through Your Body's Energy Centers
Online Course
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Your seven chakras are the blueprint of your soul.

They shape your key strengths, challenges, and actions at every level—physical, emotional, and spiritual.

And to awaken their gifts fully, teaches Anodea Judith, they require a multi-faceted approach.

Experience the Wisdom of Anodea Judith, Including Two Q&A Sessions Recorded Live in August 2011 and Nearly Four hours of Video Guidance

With the Chakra Activation on-demand course, this internationally recognized expert on the body’s subtle energy system shows you how to energize and fine-tune every dimension of your chakras.

This is not your typical on-demand course—it includes video demonstrations of the chakra exercises, and two video sessions recorded live in August 2011 that allow you to access the intuitive healing of Anodea Judith responding to participants interacting with her in real time.

A Multidimensional Immersion into Healing and Empowerment

In eight transformative sessions—available for you to download and experience in a timeframe that best suits your learning style—you’ll experience:

  • In-depth training in “chakra literacy”—how to clearly and confidently recognize the way each energy center communicates and shapes your core health issues, your psychology, and your spiritual evolution
  • Detailed methods for identifying your energy system imbalances and blockages—and how to correct them
  • Instructional video sessions of yoga and other body-based practices to activate the chakras (with exercises for both beginning and advanced students)
  • Guided audio meditations for tuning into and aligning your chakras, from root to crown
  • Targeted daily practices, journaling, and simple life changes to resolve specific health and emotional issues, transform your relationships, and access your full energetic resources
  • Downloads of the complete written content, audio and video sessions, and live event recordings from the original online course with Anodea Judith

    Launch Your Journey to Energetic Balance and Activation Today

    Our chakras bridge the realms of spirit and matter, heaven and earth, ordinary and extraordinary.

    And when you download Anodea Judith’s ten-part Chakra Activation course, she’ll show the way, offering guidance at each step across those bridges … and into healing, empowerment, and spiritual discovery.

    Note: This program features content from The Chakra Balancing Kit, The Chakra System audio course, Chakras: A Beginner's Guide to Healing with Your Body's Energy Centers, and original new audio, video, and instruction from Anodea Judith.


    Session 1:
    An Introduction to Your Chakra System

    You’ll begin by exploring the chakras and their relationship to your physical, emotional, and energetic health, fundamentals of chakra self-assessment, symptoms of excessive and deficient chakras, and exactly how you’ll bring them into balance over the course of eight weeks.

    Includes a 28-minute video introducing you to the individual chakras through a powerful open-eyed visual meditation.

    Session 2:
    Chakra One: Building Your Foundation


    • Connecting with the earth
    • Foundation, structure, and solidity
    • The body as vehicle
    • Establishing integrity in words, actions, finances
    • Taking care of your home, your possessions, and your body
    • Diet and exercise, yoga, massage
    • Nourishment for the root chakra, and more

    Session 3:
    Chakra Two: Tapping into Your Flow


    • Water and flow
    • How duality and polarity give rise to movement
    • The spectrum of our emotions
    • A path to guilt-free pleasure
    • Play and flow
    • Our need for simple touch
    • Finding “one’s own place”
    • Tuning into the senses
    • Sexuality re-energized
    • Fulfilling your “wants” and “needs”
    • Daily movement practices, and more

    Session 4:
    Chakra Three: Energizing Your Purpose


    • Fire, metabolism, and will
    • Self-esteem, power, individuation, mastery
    • The origins of shame and how to transform it
    • Developing a “Master Plan”
    • Clarifying your true life goals
    • Accepting and evolving your ego identity
    • Strengthening your will, and more

    Session 5:
    Chakra Four: Opening Your Heart


    • Opening your heart and inviting love into your life
    • Grief and gratitude
    • Transforming your relationships
    • Finding and embracing your authentic self
    • Equilibrium, compassion, forgiveness, and surrender
    • From doing to being, from ego to essence, from power to love
    • Generosity and self-appreciation exercises
    • Pranayama breathing instruction, and more

    A Recorded Video Q&A Session with Anodea Judith

    Session 6:
    Chakra Five: Speaking Your Truth


    • Air, sound, vibration, and communication
    • Information as fuel for the expansion of consciousness
    • Resonance and purification
    • Truth, lies, and the power of your authentic voice
    • Toning and mantras, the sacred sounds of the chakras
    • Silence and music
    • Therapeutic writing
    • Reopening communications with friends and loved ones, and more

    Session 7:
    Chakra Six: Vitalizing Your Vision


    • The realm of light, intuition, imagination, dreams, and vision
    • A personal vision for your life
    • Archetypal identity
    • Illusion and reality
    • Healing properties of color
    • Inviting beauty in your home and life
    • Exercises for your eyes
    • Capturing and taking in light
    • Creating a vision board
    • Dream journaling
    • Outdoor meditations, and more

    Session 8:
    Chakra Seven and Taking the Complete Journey

    Course materials available Thursday, October 6, 2011


    • The gateway to the divine
    • Pure consciousness, witness consciousness, non-dual consciousness
    • Intelligence, understanding, and unity
    • Meditation and surrender
    • Challenging your mind
    • Attachment
    • The search for meaning
    • Making room for the sacred and honoring the Divine
    • Building an altar
    • A night sky contemplation practice
    • Integrating your chakras and continuing your journey

    A Recorded Q&A Session with Anodea Judith


      • 2 RECORDED Q&A VIDEO GATHERINGS with Anodea Judith, where she’ll answer your questions and provide personal support (2 hours)
      • 8 IN-DEPTH AUDIO SESSIONS of learning and guided meditations (over 6 hours)
      • 8 VIDEO YOGA PRACTICE SESSIONS to physically engage and energize your chakras (3 hr 45 min)
      • IN-DEPTH READING & SELF-EXPLORATION EXERCISES to understand how each chakra influences your mental and emotional states, organ systems, and physiology; specific meditations, lifestyle adjustments, dietary suggestions, and other methods to address weak, overactive, blocked, and imbalanced chakra conditions; and more
      • A complete set of CHAKRA REFERENCE CARDS to download and print


      • COMPLETE DOWNLOADS OF THE LIVE EVENT RECORDINGS, YOGA VIDEO SESSIONS, AUDIO SESSIONS, AND EBOOK OF THE WRITTEN CONTENT—yours to keep and enjoy as you continue on your lifelong chakra journey.


    Get a head start on your journey by tuning in to your chakra health status.

    If you resonate with any of the questions below—positively or negatively—it’s a good indicator that you’ll benefit the most by focusing on the specific chakras in question.

    Chakra 1:
    Do you have trouble staying grounded in your life?
    Do you resist structure in your life when it would be helpful?
    Are you uncomfortable with slowing down and resting in stillness?
    With people, possessions, and your opinions: do you cling tenaciously, or “give up” too easily?

    Chakra 2:
    Do you have difficulties engaging and “flowing” with others?
    Do you allow enough healthy pleasure in your life?
    Do you find anger, fear, grief, or any other specific emotion unbearable?

    Chakra 3:
    Do you know how to keep your will on track?
    Do many of your daily activities drain you?
    Which activities bring you the most energy and joy?
    Do you consistently rely on your inner compass, versus the authority of others?

    Chakra 4:
    Are you unable to forgive yourself or someone else for a past event or decision?
    Do you desire to be more loving in your relationships?
    What do you find hardest to love about yourself?

    Chakra 5:
    Do you always ask for what you need, and say what you need to say?
    Do you long to hear certain words from someone that you care about?
    In which situations or relationships are you unable to speak your truth?

    Chakra 6:
    Do you tend to see things through a negative lens?
    Do you have a guiding vision for your life? Can you describe it?
    Do you feel that others acknowledge your gifts and purpose?
    Do you support the hopes and dreams of others?

    Chakra 7:
    What is your understanding of the Divine?
    What do you tend to dwell upon while driving or waiting in line?
    Can you identify a personal belief that may no longer be serving you?

    The Chakra Activation course will help you address symptoms of imbalance like these at the core—and many of your physical and energetic issues as well.

    Join Anodea to begin your total life transformation.

    What Readers and Listeners Are Saying about Anodea Judith:

    Eastern Body, Western Mind

    “Rather than presenting an esoteric borrowing from Indian culture, Judith employs the metaphoric language of the chakra system within the context of modern psychology…. Her comparison of the various maps of psychological development (Freudian, Piagetian, Eriksonian, Reichian, and others) is intriguing. The book provides a useful tool for contemplating our strengths, weaknesses, and appropriate approaches to growth.”
    Yoga Journal

    “A book of profound and practical compassion. Judith’s ideas are as essential and important as Freud’s insights were a hundred years ago. She offers specific and varied strategies to understand your ways of coping, so that you can let go of those that no longer serve you and make better use of those that do.”
    —James Fadiman, PhD, author of Unlimit Your Life and The Other Side of Haight

    “…sparkles with insight. Spiritual seeker, client, and therapist alike will find treasures here."
    PanGaia magazine

    Wheels of Life

    Wheels of Life is the most significant and influential book on the chakras ever written.”
    —John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga

    Chakra Balancing book and CD program

    “I keep the workbook in my night stand and refer to it frequently. I've read other chakra books but by far this is the best. …what I love most are the physical exercises. I feel completely rejuvenated after performing them. Each chakra has its own chapter detailing the characteristics, suggestions for deepening your connection, psychological issues and activities for healing and balancing.”
    —from Amazon.com reviewer S. Desany

    “I found this book to be very informative and beneficial in my practice as a Reiki Master….“
    —from Linda on SoundsTrue.com

    “Great book and CDs. I have really benefited from understanding where negative energy is coming from & how to constructively align the chakras so they work together.”
    —from Terry on SoundsTrue.com

    The Chakra System audio course

    “Self-healing at its best. Anodea Judith is remarkably gifted at breaking down a very complex system into easy to understand language. By reviewing each chakra, its development, both healthy and unhealthy, and what is required for healing, Anodea enables one to assess and heal one's whole body system. This is a very powerful and effective system.” 
    —from Amazon.com reviewer K.M.

    “This set is a complete course in self realization. No one delivers a more clear or comprehensive perspective on the seven sacred chambers known as the chakras…. You will find yourself referring back to it frequently.”
    —from Amazon.com reviewer “Yoga Bhoga” in Portland, OR

    “Anodea Judith has incredible knowledge about the chakra system, and she relays her knowledge in a simple and memorable way. Her voice is very soothing and the imagery in her descriptions of these invisible energies helped me to visualize clearly the movement and power of these energy centers. I listen to this collection often and they help keep me into balance and inspired. Great job!”
    —from Amazon.com reviewer Keesha "Coach K" in Willimantic, CT

    The Chakra Activation online course brings together all of Anodea Judith’s essential insights and practices—PLUS her newest teachings AND two video Q&A sessions with Anodea.

    It’s maximum guidance and support to heal and activate your energy system.

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    Anodea Judith

    About Anodea Judith

    Anodea Judith, PhD, is the author of the chakra classics Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind, along with several other award-winning books (Waking the Global Heart) and videos (The Illuminated Chakras) on psychology, spirituality, and global transformation. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker and workshop presenter, as well as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher. She holds a doctorate in mind-body health and a master’s in clinical psychology. Her website of workshops, books, and products is www.SacredCenters.com.


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    5 Reviews
    Reviewed by Pat
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5
    Review posted

    Review for Chakra Activation

    This is such a great course and I was surprised at what a difference it made when I was finished. Chakras have always interested me but this delves into chakras on so many levles - pschologically, physically, emotionally, mentally, spirtually. Anodea provides video and audio introduction to the concepts, written description, practices and guides for understanding and clearing the chakras. With journaling, questions on your past and present, sound, yoga poses, feng shui...it takes you on a study of you and the different aspects of you. Highly recommend it.

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    Reviewed by evgenios
    I recommend this product
    Rated 4 out of 5
    Review posted

    Review for Chakra Activation

    really helps balance the chakras but the yoga videos are NOT 3 hours and 45 minutes, and the meditations hardly 30 minutes, time well spent but less than indicated. Most videos and audios are explanatory and teachy.

    Was this helpful?
    Reviewed by Yael W.
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5
    Review posted

    Review for Chakra Activation

    The Chakra Activation Course is wonderful! It is deep, insightful and coherent. It provides vast knowledge on the chakras and how to work with them. As a yoga teacher who loves to combine chakra work in my classes, this course is just perfect!

    Was this helpful?
    Reviewed by Lois T.
    I recommend this product
    Rated 4 out of 5
    Review posted

    Review for Chakra Activation

    Wow it is powerful. Decided I am still stuck on

    the 1st Chakra. Need to do more work before proceeding. Thanks for the great course.


    Was this helpful?
    Reviewed by Martie
    I recommend this product
    Rated 4 out of 5
    Review posted

    Review for Chakra Activation

    I took her course face to face at Kirpalu. This is great that it will be online so more people can be explosed. The F2F is best but this will be a great 2nd. YOU WILL LEARN AND BENFIT LOTS

    Was this helpful?