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“Chakras” are energetic centers that regulate our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. We can work with our chakras to diagnose problems, create solutions, and initiate lasting changes in our lives. The Chakra Collection gives you a set of four complementary programs to discover the healing potential of the chakras.

The Chakra System: Through her pioneering work with the chakra system, Anodea Judith has mapped the striking connections between the yogic healing arts and modern psychology—and demonstrated how a combination of both can be dramatically more effective than using either one alone. On The Chakra System, this acclaimed mind-body authority offers us a 12-session introductory curriculum about how to use the chakra system to strengthen your personal power, improve your relationships, enhance intuition, and enter into your highest spiritual wisdom.

Chanting the Chakras: In India’s Nada Yoga tradition, music has been revered for centuries for its power to balance our physical, mental, and spiritual energies. Performed by award-winning frame drummer Layne Redmond, Chanting the Chakras uses percussion and yogic chant to retune the body’s seven energy centers.

Caroline Myss’ Chakra Meditation Music: World music artist Stevin McNamara created this album specifically to support two daily chakra diagnosis sessions: an energizing morning meditation and a calming evening meditation. With ethnic percussion instruments and drums, woodwinds, stringed instruments, voice, and bells.

Advanced Chakra Wisdom: In addition to the seven primary chakras that influence our well-being, we also have a series of “outer chakras” that link us energetically to the entire cosmos. In this complete audio course for those familiar with the fundamentals of the chakra system, Cyndi Dale helps us unlock the power of five lesser-known chakras that are intimately tied to the pursuit of our highest potential.

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