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Based upon his New York Times bestselling book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, this in-depth audio learning program teaches you Dr. Daniel Amen's essentials for identifying and healing the root causes of anxiety, poor focus and attention, temper and impulse control issues, depression disorders, chronic relationship conflicts, difficulty planning and achieving long-term goals, memory decline, and more.
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Your brain is essential to every facet of your life: how you think, feel, act, and relate with others. In his groundbreaking book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Dr. Daniel Amen shared his clinically demonstrated model for healing multiple types of depression, anxiety, attention deficit and obsessive-compulsive issues, cognitive and memory decline, anger and impulse control challenges, and more.
Now, with this in-depth audio program, you are invited to learn directly with this pioneering physician and inspiring teacher as he guides you into the key principles and practices for assessing and caring for your brain.
Informed by decades of research and over 115,000 brain scans, the Amen Clinic has revealed an insight first met with skepticism and now accepted as foundational neuroscience: that emotional and cognitive problems are intimately linked to particular areas of the brain—and that to heal, we need to identify and treat those areas.
In six engaging sessions, here's what you'll learn:
Program 1—Five essential brain areas • How your genetics, diet, habitual thinking patterns, mild head traumas, and other factors deeply affect your brain • Why conventional diagnoses like “depression” or “anxiety” don't always point to the best treatment strategies • How to identify your specific brain issues.
Programs 2, 3, and 4—An in-depth look at each brain area and how they serve us • When things go wrong—identifying emotional, social, learning, and physical challenges • The types of psychotherapy, supplements, dietary changes, brain and body exercises, and medical treatments revealed by brain scans to be most effective • Self-care strategies to begin restoring your mental and physical well-being immediately.
Program 5—Dr. Amen's core guidelines and daily recommendations for lifelong brain health.
Program 6—A Q&A forum where Dr. Amen explores Alzheimer's disease prevention, the inflammation model, recommended brain training activities, self-hypnosis (including a guided demonstration), emerging treatments, and more.

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