Experiencing the Shamanic Journey

A Direct Path of Revelation
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Begin Your Journey into the World of Spirit 

In the shamanic understanding, there is a spiritual dimension that is invisible to the five senses, yet which profoundly affects our lives. What would you find if you could journey there?

There are unseen forces that have been with you since you were born, friendly allies who have guided and sheltered you. What would you learn if you could speak to them?

There is a part of you that knows you are one with the universe, and that you are intimately connected with all of life. How would your life change if you could fully embody this higher self?

Shamanic practice is about finding the answers to these questions—and opening the door to an awakened connection with the world of spirit.

What You Will Receive:

  • Six Video Learning Sessions
    Sandra Ingerman offers her renowned in-depth training program on the essentials of shamanic practice, including guided journeys to visit the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds; connect with your power animals and spirit teachers; receive information and healing energy; and discover how to reclaim lost power.
  • Written Instruction
    Go deeper into the history and practice of shamanism with written material adapted from Sandra’s book, Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide.
  • Complete Downloads of All Course Materials
    The entire program of Experiencing the Shamanic Journey is yours to keep and enjoy as you integrate shamanic wisdom into your own life.

Why the Oldest Spiritual Practice Is Still Going Strong

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice—we have found evidence of the first shamans from over 40,000 years ago. Today, shamanic practice is alive and well—and evolving to suit the needs of our modern world.

What is it that has allowed shamanism to endure for so long?

"It is because shamanism is the path of direct revelation," teaches Sandra Ingerman. "It requires no dogma and no outside authority. Shamanic practice gives you the tools to enter the spirit world yourself and discover your own power."

The practice of shamanism puts you in direct contact with your spiritual allies and the divine aspect of your own being. It allows you to develop a relationship with the spiritual forces in your life—and to build a sense of trust in the wisdom, insight, and healing energy you receive.

And it all begins with the shamanic journey—the cornerstone practice for awakening to the spirit world.

The Shamanic Journey—The Gateway to Non-Ordinary Reality

The shamanic journey is the art of using rhythm and intention to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to connect with the spiritual dimension of reality. With Experiencing the Shamanic Journey, you are invited to learn this safe, reliable, and transformative technique from one of today's most respected shamanic teachers: Sandra Ingerman.

Here is your chance to experience Sandra's complete foundational training on shamanic practice in an unprecedented format. This six-week online video course will provide you with the essentials for integrating the spiritual insights and techniques of shamanism into your life, including:

  • The shamanic journey—how to enter a new state of awareness and open your perceptions to the spirit world
  • Guidelines for interpreting the information you receive, improving your recall, and deepening your experience
  • Your spiritual allies—guided journeys for making contact with your power animals, ancestors, and guardian spirits
  • The Upper, Lower, and Middle Worlds—experience journeys into each of the three divisions of non-ordinary reality
  • The shamanic approach to healing—how to make yourself a conduit for universal healing energy to benefit yourself and others
  • Seeing through the heart—expanding your perceptions in real-world situations by connecting with the universal field
  • Dealing with the ego—guidance for navigating the most common pitfalls of doubt and self-sabotage
  • Your own journey style—how to dispel unhelpful preconceptions and learn to trust your unique way of receiving guidance and energy from the spirits
  • Embodying wisdom—bringing your practice into your relationships, community, and every aspect of your life

Experiencing the Shamanic Journey brings you in-depth online training in shamanic practice from Sandra Ingerman—with video instruction and guided journeys, written materials to help you deepen your understanding, and an interactive community for sharing your questions, journeys, and insights. Each week for six weeks, you will embark on a new session in this unfolding learning experience:

Session 1: The Path of Direct Revelation
We begin by exploring the secrets of humankind's earliest spiritual practice and its modern incarnation. Learn how rhythm can shift your brainwaves to take you into an altered state, and the most effective techniques for opening yourself to power and guidance from the spirit world.

Session 2: Lower World Journeying
Discover how to build your energy and clear away mental obstacles as you prepare for a shamanic journey, then embark upon a guided journey to the Lower World to find your power animal. Sandra offers insights on interpreting the symbolism in your journeys, and returning grounded and present after you are done.

Session 3: Upper World Journeying
Enter the Upper World to find a spiritual ally who will offer you information and healing energy. Learn more about the different ways the shamanic journey has been practiced in traditional cultures, and key techniques for maintaining your focus during a journey.

Session 4: Journeys of Divination
The shamanic journey can bring you information from the past, present, and future—and allow you to find answers for your most pressing questions. In this session, Sandra explores the shamanic art of divination, the power of working in community, and guidelines for journeying on behalf of others.

Session 5: Illness from a Shamanic Perspective
In shamanism, the spiritual component of healing is paramount—and non-ordinary healing often leads to remarkable recovery on the physical level. Sandra offers essential guidance on dealing with spiritual blockages, negative energy, chronic illness and misfortune—as well as the Spirit Boat journey for recovering your lost power.

Session 6: Power Animal Retrievals
Sandra explores the many ways to fully integrate shamanic practice fully into your life. Learn more about working in the Middle World, strengthening your relationship with your power animals and spiritual allies, and fully embodying the wisdom you receive from your shamanic journeys.

Your Journey Begins Here

The indigenous shamans were responsible for finding food, shelter, and medicine for their people. The techniques they developed have survived for millennia because they worked for our ancestors—just as they still can work for you today.

Shamanic practice has evolved. Thanks to teachers like Sandra Ingerman and many of the modern pioneers, researchers, and practitioners of shamanism, we now have access to contemporary versions of the most effective and powerful practices for direct revelation.

In our fast-paced age, many of us are looking for a way to get back in touch with the natural world and the realms of spirit. The shamanic journey is one of the most reliable and potent tools we have for connecting to the unseen worlds, our spiritual allies, and the sacred nature of our true essence.

With Experiencing the Shamanic Journey Sandra Ingerman invites you to learn this transformative practice for healing, insight, and awakening. If you're ready to embark upon your own journey into the world of spirit, there's no better teacher to help you get started.

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About Sandra Ingerman

Sandra Ingerman, MA, is a licensed therapist and shamanic practitioner who has been teaching shamanism for more than 40 years. She teaches workshops internationally on shamanic journeying, healing, and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods. Her books include Shamanic Journeying and Awakening to the Spirit World (with Hank Wesselman). For more, visit sandraingerman.com.

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