Finding Safety in Your Nervous System

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Calm Your Body and Soothe Your Soul 

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel uncertain or anxious but aren’t sure why? You may not realize it, but we’re constantly bombarded by social cues in our environment, often leading to stress and overwhelm. In Finding Safety in Your Nervous System, Deb Dana provides a valuable blueprint for building resilience and finding safety during the many ups and downs of life. 

  • Understand your nervous system and learn how to regulate your emotions, talk about your feelings, and process the world around you
  • Discover what “home” means to your nervous system and what safety feels like in your body
  • Design a personal plan so you can find your way back to grounded inner peace, even in challenging situations
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Online Course
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Deb Dana

About Deb Dana

Deb Dana, LCSW, is a clinician, consultant, author and speaker. She is a founding member of the Polyvagal Institute, consultant to Khiron Clinics, and advisor to Unyte. Deb’s work is focused on using the lens of Polyvagal Theory to understand and resolve the impact of trauma. She delves into the intricacies of how understanding and befriending the nervous system can change the way we navigate our daily lives. Deb is well known for translating Polyvagal Theory into a language and application that is both clear and accessible and for her significant contribution pioneering Rhythm of Regulation® methodology, tools, techniques and practices which continue to open up the power of Polyvagal Theory for professionals and curious people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. Deb has published a number of clinical works over the years. She partners with Sounds True to bring her polyvagal perspective to a general audience through the audio program “Befriending Your Nervous System: Looking Through the Lens of Polyvagal Theory” and her print books “Anchored: How to Befriend Your Nervous System Using Polyvagal Theory,” and “Nervous System Workbook.” Deb can be contacted via her website

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