Forgiveness Challenge

21 Days of Radical Acceptance
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A self-paced, in-depth engagement in the liberating experience of forgiveness.
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  • Radical teachings and practices for the experience of forgiveness
  • An online workbook with daily exercises, reflections, and teachings that address body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit

Radical Acceptance: The Path and the Practice of Forgiveness

We've all been taught that forgiveness is an integral part of our spiritual lives. We understand that forgiveness enables us to let go of pain and anger, heal our relationships, and grow in compassion and humility. But what is forgiveness, really? And why does it often seem difficult, if not impossible, to achieve?

Forgiveness is the acceptance of self in the larger context of Self

Rabbi Rami Shapiro has a unique way of describing the process of forgiveness. Here he describes the shift in perspective that makes forgiveness possible—the central work you will engage in with The Forgiveness Challenge:


"Imagine a spot of black crude oil in the middle of a thimble filled of water. When we look at the thimble, the oil demands and dominates our attention. Now imagine pouring this thimble of water along with the spot of oil into a coffee mug of water. The spot is still there, though a bit less noticeable. Now pour the mug into a bowl, and the bowl into a large pot, and the pot into a pond, and the pond into a lake, and the lake into the ocean. The spot of oil is no less, but the water containing it is so much more. The attention given the oil is negligible. It is lost in the vastness of the ocean.

Now imagine that the oil is something hurtful done to you. The thimble of water is narrow mind, the relative self we focus on day in and day out. The ocean is spacious mind, the absolute Self we also are.

When we focus on the thimble, we are obsessed with the oil. When we focus on the ocean, the oil is nowhere to be seen. The Forgiveness Challenge is learning to move from narrow mind to spacious mind over and over and over again."

Boot Camp for "Self-Awakening"

The Forgiveness Challenge offers you a training program in what Rabbi Rami calls "Self-awakening"—or realizing directly that you are at once both a worldly self and a divine Self that transcends time and space. For the duration of this course, you will experience a variety of contemplative practices and psycho-spiritual exercises that work five core dimensions of being: body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Each endeavor is designed "to awaken the narrow to the spacious" and allow the acceptance of the experiences of self in the larger context of Self.

In addition, the course is highlighted by four recorded video sessions where Rabbi Rami will review the information shared throughout the program and help you prepare to continue this work in the days ahead.

Forgiveness: A Wise Way to Live Life

"Forgiveness is what allows us to see through the illusions we've come to believe about life so that we can navigate our days with more clarity and less bruising," explains Rabbi Rami. Yes, The Forgiveness Challenge will give you new tools and skills for working with forgiveness when life gets a little (or a lot) messy. Yet perhaps even greater, you will gain a new understanding of the possibility for freedom and joy available in the midst of everything we experience.


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