Gentle Power

A Revolution in How We Think, Lead, and Succeed Using the Finnish Art of Sisu
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Hardcover Book
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The Finnish philosophy of sisu shows us a new way to look at power—not as force and domination but as the harmonious expression of human character in everyday actions. Finnish-born Emilia Elisabet Lahti explores sisu, world traditions, and modern research to provide a new way to approach leadership, resilience, and our power to create change.

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A manual for the evolution of everyday leadership based on the Finnish science of sisu—from a leading researcher and teacher on the topic. 

Power is fundamental in our lives—we express it in every conversation, relationship, and choice we make. All too often, we equate force and domination with power, while gentleness and compassion are considered “soft” or “weak.” The destructive nature of this skewed perspective has never been more obvious, yet there is reason to hope. With Gentle Power, Dr. Emilia Elisabet Lahti shares an illuminating guide to an emerging shift in the way we define true strength—an approach that balances resolve with reason, grit with compassion, and personal success with service to the collective good.

Lahti uses the concept of sisu, a central philosophy native to Finland, as the foundation for her investigation of gentle power. “At its best,” she says, “sisu is a harmonious approach to life itself, specifically in how we make decisions, relate to one another, and navigate times of crisis and peace.” Drawing from sisu—as well as aikido, Taoism, neuroscience, systems intelligence, and more—she shares an evidence-based approach to help you transform the way you manifest power. Join her to explore:

  • Sisu—its history, its shadow, and the rising global interest in this profound philosophy
  • Leadership and power—why toxic myths of power persist, and how we can dismantle them
  • The paradox of gentleness—how inner resilience and true influence arise from vulnerability, empathy, and love
  • Self-care—why gentle power begins with the way we treat ourselves
To understand power is to realize that leadership is not just for some selected minority—we are all leaders whose choices impact those around us. “Each of us can play a vital role in the collective transformation that the world is calling for,” Lahti writes. “It all starts in our own heart, in our own gentle power.” Here you’ll discover a path of wisdom, resilience, and compassionate strength that will elevate your life—and uplift others to take part in a new revolution of human empowerment.
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Emilia Elisabet Lahti

About Emilia Elisabet Lahti

Emilia Elisabet Lahti is an awarded educator, applied psychology researcher, and founder of Sisu Lab which builds communities and organizational cultures based on everyday leadership as expression of courage and compassion. Her work has been featured in The New Yorker, Business Insider, BBC, and Forbes. Originally from Finland, she’s taught internationally and given talks at Fortune 500 companies. For more, see

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