How to Be Loving: The Journal

Relax Your Mind. Connect with the Divine.
Paperback Book
Paperback Book
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The heart’s response to our emotions and experiences is always more welcoming and spacious. This journal is an ideal space for self-exploration—to welcome in all of your fears, questions, and gifts. Every passage, reflection prompt, and tear-out can become a portal to your inner wisdom, sources of resilience, and Divine Love.
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A deep journaling tool for becoming less reactive, and more responsive and open to love.

Resiliency is our capacity to respond from the heart. It has everything to do with Love and inclusiveness, and nothing to do with getting tougher. Resilience is a foil to the ego-mind’s way of dividing everything into “right or wrong.” 

The heart’s response to our emotions and experiences is always more welcoming and spacious. And that’s what this self-exploration is for: to welcome in all of our fears, questions, and gifts. You’ll be befriending doubt, creating more loving thoughts, and using Loving Kindness to witness your interior experience and visions of the future.

This journal is a resilience tool.

Every passage, reflection prompt, and tear-out in this journal can become a portal to your inner wisdom—and loving.

From page to page, you’ll explore…

  • “How would life change if I stopped trying to fix myself?”
  • “Where in my life can I become more open and accepting?”
  • “What is it that my heart wants to say to my mind?”
  • “How have my doubts and worries served me on my journey?”
  • “If I look at myself with a loving gaze, what shifts?”
While yearly vision quests are a great practice, it’s regular reflection that keeps us close to our life force—and to each other. And the more often we reflect on what's meaningful in our life, the more light we will find to steer by.
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Danielle LaPorte

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Danielle LaPorte is a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 and a former think-tank director who speaks about the intelligence of Love. Her Heart Centered Facilitators Program + Membership evolved out of her bestseller, The Desire Map, with 400+ workshop facilitators in 32 countries. Her podcast, With Love, Danielle, and site,, receive millions of visits.

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