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Dramatically improve your recall and brain power with easy, clinically-proven exercises.
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How would you like to remember the names of every person you meet? To recall phone numbers and appointments more easily? And to keep those memory powers for a lifetime?

In his book The Memory Bible, Dr. Gary Small showed that memory loss is not an inevitable consequence of aging and that it is possible to begin increasing your brain power immediately. With Improve Your Memory Now, this pioneering physician offers you an immersive audio training course designed to boost your memory power from the very first time you use it.

Distilled from Dr. Small's revolutionary work as director of UCLA's Memory and Aging Research Center, this guided program teaches you:

Course objectives:

  • Understand new discoveries around preventing memory loss
  • Be able to use proven memory tools to increase memory and prevent loss
  • Understand the correlations between physical and mental health
  • Breakthrough nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for keeping your brain healthy for life
  • A memory self-assessment exercise to gauge the memory improvements you will gain during this course
  • The Look, Snap, and Connect technique for remembering names, faces, information, and anything else better
  • Mental aerobics to boost your brain power
  • A guided relaxation session to reduce stress, a primary cause of memory impairment

Plus a wealth of other research-proven techniques to Improve Your Memory Now.

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Gary Small

About Gary Small

Gary Small, M.D. is the director of the UCLA Memory and Aging Research Center. For his work in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and brain aging, Scientific American magazine named him "one of the world's top 50 innovators in science and technology." His work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, and USA Today. Gary Small is the author of The Memory Bible.