Living Your True Purpose

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Tolle’s insights into spiritual mastery and total alignment with the flow of life.
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Course objectives: 

  • Recognize and open to presence as the eternal “I am,” the intelligence found in stillness, and awakening to the beauty of simply being.
  • Discuss how we can all participate in the collective shift in human consciousness from “thought-based” reality to a pure awareness rooted in consciousness itself.
  • Define the primary purpose of life and learn to align fully with what is happening in the present moment.
  • Discuss how to recognize the deeper essence of another human being, while enjoying the world of form without expectations.

What makes a spiritual master? Total alignment with the flow of life—something we’re all born to experience. On Living Your True Purpose, Eckhart Tolle presents over two hours of exploration of the higher meaning of our lives, inviting you to “be here fully and completely” as you touch the spacious and vibrant presence underneath the surface of our thought-based reality.

Recorded in front of a live audience,Living Your True Purpose brings you into the vibrant presence of Eckhart Tolle as he offers his one-of-a-kind guidance into:

  • Your inner energy field as the entry point into the present moment
  • Presence as a teacher in and of itself
  • The spiritual practice of vigilance to the Now
  • The evolution of human consciousness that is already underway
  • Pseudo-fulfillment versus true fulfillment
  • Eckhart’s mantra: “Can I be the space for this?”
  • How “doing” naturally arises from “being” in the Now
  • Tapping the source of all creativity

“When your relationship with the present moment changes, your entire life changes,” explains Eckhart Tolle. Join him on Living Your True Purpose for guidance in nurturing your own vital relationship with the Now.

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Eckhart Tolle

About Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is widely recognized as one of the most inspiring and visionary spiritual teachers in the world today. With his international bestsellers The Power of Now and A New Earth—translated into more than 50 languages—he has introduced millions to the joy and freedom of living life in the present moment. The New York Times has described him as “the most popular spiritual author in the United States,” and in 2011, Watkins Review named him “the most spiritually influential person in the world.”