Olive All at Once

Hardcover Book - Preorder (Available September 17, 2024)
Hardcover Book - Preorder

Available September 17, 2024

eBook - Preorder
Available September 17, 2024

A picture book from bestselling Good Night Yoga author Mariam Gates that teaches kids that feeling different emotions all at once is more than OK—it’s a wonderful part of being human.

Full Description
Olive learns that it’s okay to feel different and sometimes opposite emotions all at the same time. 

In this illustrated picture book, Olive experiences contradictory emotions. The first day of school is exciting but also scary. When she attends a friend’s birthday party, she is delighted for him but also jealous that the presents aren’t for her. And when she thinks about her little sister, she’s both glad and mad—for lots of reasons. Olive helps young readers explore the sometimes-contradictory ways they feel about significant events in their lives. Building social-emotional intelligence in children helps them to allow all of their emotions to coexist inside them. It’s part of being human to feel many different ways—all at once.
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Hardcover Book - Preorder (Available September 17, 2024) eBook - Preorder (Available September 17, 2024)

Hardcover Book (32 pages)

eBook (32 pages)
Dimensions 10 x 9 ¾ inches
Product Code BK06774 BK06774W
ISBN Number 978-1-64963-174-9 978-1-64963-170-1
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Mariam Gates

About Mariam Gates

Mariam Gates holds a master’s in education from Harvard University and has more than 20 years’ experience working with children. Her renowned Kid Power Yoga™ program combines her love of yoga with teaching to help children access their inner gifts. For more, visit kidpoweryoga.com.

Author photo © Junneen Lee McCombs

Alison Hawkins

About Alison Hawkins

Alison Hawkins started her career as a graphic designer, illustrating for apparel, toys, and greeting cards. In addition to illustrating children’s books, she is the author ofTime to Go, Larry! She lives in Durham, North Carolina. For more, see alisonhawkinsportfolio.com.