Ignite Your Inner Game to Lead Consciously at Work and in the World
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Hardcover Book
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A top conscious business consultant shares tools she’s taught to thousands of successful entrepreneurs, corporations, and leaders at every level. Here you’ll learn to build your “inner game” qualities of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience, love, well-being, and authenticity—to better serve your people, your prosperity, and the planet.
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A top conscious business consultant shares the essential inner skills you need to be a force for change—in your workplace and in the world.
The way we do business is changing. Every day, we see new evidence that we’ve got to move away from the status quo that is burning out workers, enabling greed, and endangering our planet. Yet how do you develop the skills and practical tools to prioritize people, planet, and prosperity? “Everything starts with your inner game,” teaches conscious business consultant Carley Hauck. “In this book, I’ll share the most powerful methods I know for learning to fully embody your highest values, lead with compassion and generosity, and create soul-nourishing workplaces that become forces of good in the world.” 
With Shine: Ignite Your Inner Game to Lead Consciously at Work and in the World, Hauck distills the research-based methods and game-changing skills she’s brought to corporate settings such as LinkedIn, Pixar, Genentech, Clif Bar, and more. Here you’ll learn tools and practices for cultivating the six “inner game skills” for conscious leadership:

  • Self-Awareness—understand your strengths, blind spots, motivations, and behaviors, and how these impact others
  • Emotional Intelligence—learn how to navigate challenging feelings and develop the qualities of empathy and attunement
  • Resilience—how to adapt gracefully to the constant state of change in business and the world
  • Love—lead from the heart, create a caring and collaborative workplace, and build lasting connections based on shared passion and ideals
  • Well-Being—self-care techniques to prevent burnout in the workplace and promote sustainability for the planet
  • Authenticity—embracing the shadow sides of yourself and your workplace through vulnerability, forgiveness, and trust
 Leadership in a conscious workplace is not just about CEOs and executives—everyone has a role to play to create a healthier, more equitable, earth-friendly way of doing business. “I want to support you in cultivating a strong, brilliant inner game that will help you inspire greater collaboration, innovation, and belonging,” says Carley Hauck. “We need each other’s support for a collective response to today’s complexities. When we grow the qualities that allow us to shine from the inside out, we each contribute our light to the creation of a better world.”
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Carley Hauck

About Carley Hauck

Carley Hauck, MA, is a leadership consultant to top conscious businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. She teaches at the business schools of Stanford and UC Berkeley and writes for Conscious Company and Mindful magazines. She lives in Oakland, CA, and can be found online at