Shining Bright Without Burning Out

Shining Bright Without Burning Out

Spiritual Tools for Creating Healthy Energetic Boundaries in an Overconnected World

In Shining Bright Without Burning Out, Mara Bishop teaches that we have far more ability to keep our energy healthy and sovereign than we may realize. Through meditations, energy practices, and shamanic wisdom, Bishop shows us how to adjust the porousness of our energetic bodies at will, so we can remain both clear and connected.

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Turn your sensitivity into a strength with tools and practices for protecting, clearing, and nourishing your energy.

Our world is becoming increasingly connected, and not only because of technology. More and more people are waking up to our energetic and spiritual interconnectedness as well. While this can be a beautiful blessing, if you’re an empath, and especially if you work in a healing profession, all this interconnection can feel more like overconnection—leaving you feeling drained, burned out, and at the mercy of the energies around you.

Fortunately, you have far more ability to navigate our interconnected world than many people realize. In Shining Bright Without Burning Out, Mara Bishop shares an empowering series of critical energy protection skills so you can enjoy the gifts of your sensitivity and openness while maintaining healthy energetic boundaries.

In this eight-part audio program, you’ll explore a variety of teachings, practices, meditations, and shamanic journeys for adjusting the porousness of your energetic body at will. Bishop, a veteran practitioner of 25 years, integrates neuroscience, psychology, meditation, and shamanism in her teachings, offering us a well-rounded pathway to energetic hygiene and sovereignty.

Highlights Include:

  • Learning critical skills for boosting your energetic immune system
  • Prevention, recovery, and in-the-moment techniques for energetic health
  • Shamanic perspectives on interconnection, sovereignty, and spiritual well-being
  • Identifying your energy archetypes—Are you a hummingbird? Bull? Puppy? Sponge?
  • Avoiding spiritual bypassing by claiming your ability to be around difficult people
  • Eight in-depth audio sessions filled with empowering tools, teachings, and skills

For anyone feeling overstimulated and exhausted by our increasingly overconnected world, Shining Bright Without Burning Out

will help you do the work you came here to do and be the light you came here to be.





Contents 8 CDs (8 hours, 27 minutes)
Dimensions 6 7/8 x 6 5/8 inches
Product Code AF06262D
ISBN Number 978-1-68364-827-7

Audio Download

Contents Audio Download (8 hours, 27 minutes)
Filetypes MP3, ZIP
Product Code AF06262W
ISBN Number 978-1-68364-828-4
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