Soul Without Shame Workshop

Exploring the Nature of Self-Judgement
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Addressing the inner judge with Diamond Approach® principles of embodied awareness and open-ended inquiry.
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The judge, superego, or inner critic shapes and limits our daily life. This psychic entity, which praises, cajoles, accuses, intimidates, promises, and threatens, is forever looking over our shoulder, watching to see if we measure up. In addition to invading our relationships and undermining our self-esteem, self-judgment is the primary force interfering with our personal spiritual work.

This workshop begins directly addressing the inner judge using principles of the Diamond Approach®. Through embodied awareness (to support presence) and open-ended inquiry (to bring about understanding), you will learn to recognize and confront the assumptions and principles that keep self-judgment in place. You will cultivate aspects of your true nature that antidote self-judgment: compassion, will, and strength. Most important, you will practice disengaging from the judgment process through understanding and deliberate action.

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Contents Digital Audio (10 hours, 7 minutes)
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Byron Brown

About Byron Brown

Byron Brown has been a Ridhwan teacher since 1990. He leads groups, works with individuals, and trains teachers of the Diamond Approach in the Ridhwan School. He has taught workshops on the superego across the US and in Europe since 1998. His book, Soul without Shame, was published in 1999 by Shambhala Publications. He currently lives with his wife in El Cerrito, California.