Sovereign Love

A Guide to Healing Relationships by Reclaiming the Masculine and Feminine Within
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A new perspective on understanding our inner masculine and feminine energetics as the key to experiencing fulfillment in our partnerships

Does love mean that we “belong” to one another? This idea can sound romantic—but the normalized ownership template most of us were raised with has created some challenging dynamics within our partnerships. “This skewed perspective arises when we’re out of touch with the masculine and feminine energetics within us,” therapist Dené Logan says. “Understanding these energetics and how they work in relationships is the key to ending the unspoken war of the sexes that plays out far too often between intimate partners.”

In Sovereign Love, Logan helps us understand how to integrate the masculine and feminine energetics within so we can move away from the codependent, transactional views of what relationships “should” be, toward an interdependent, mutually balanced state where both partners are present, self-aware, and strong in Self. Combining her personal revelations as a therapist with a modernized perspective on liberating, non-patriarchal relationship models, Logan offers a deep yet approachable guide to greater self-awareness of what has shaped us—and how we can develop balanced, conscious, and loving partnerships.

“By unpacking the historical, cultural, and highly individual reasons why we love the way we do,” she explains, “we can understand our motivations and consciously choose to love in a way that serves our growth, our values, and our personal sovereignty.”

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Audio - Preorder (Available May 28, 2024)
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Dené Logan

About Dené Logan

Dené Logan, AMFT, is a marriage and family therapist and spiritual teacher. She is cohost of the weekly podcast Cheaper Than Therapy, which gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at coaching sessions with actual clients, interviews with thought leaders in the field of mental health and wellness, and a bird’s-eye view into two therapists hashing out their current life struggles and perspectives on various hot topics. She lives in Los Angeles. For more, visit

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