Spiritual Gardening

Cultivating Love Through Caring for Plants
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A long-time gardener reveals the secret wisdom in every plant in your garden.
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Let Your Plants Teach You How to Cultivate Your Own “Inner Garden”

A garden is more than a place of beauty. It is a sanctuary for your spirit that harkens back to antiquity, when gardens and forests were part of our common spiritual tradition. On Spiritual Gardening, bestselling author Judith Handelsman opens the gate to this secret medicine available to us all: the kinship of plants.

“All the issues of life and death reveal themselves through observing and caring for plants,” teaches Judith Handelsman, illustrating her point with magical stories that will leave you in no doubt that you can communicate with your own plants, whether you live in the country or in a high-rise apartment with a house plant on the window sill. On Spiritual Gardening, this longtime gardener and spiritual seeker shows how to find and cultivate your own “inner garden” through the wisdom awaiting you in every leaf, stem, and flower.

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Contents Digital Audio (2 hours, 24 minutes)
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ISBN Number 978-1-60407-494-9
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Judith Handelsman

About Judith Handelsman

Judith Handelsman, M.A. is an author and teacher who has written professionally for the past 20 years. A former gardening columnist for Vogue magazine and New Age Journal, she also created daily gardening spots for NBC All-News Network Radio during the 1970s. Her book Gardens from Garbage: How to Grow Indoor Plants from Recycled Kitchen Scraps (The Millbrook Press, 1993) was named a top children’s book by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Ms. Handelsman’s most recent book is Growing Myself: A Spiritual Journey through Gardening (Plume, 1997).