The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge

The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge

A Direct Way to Spiritual Liberation

Learn to become aware of the pure consciousness underlying all of your experiences. Adyashanti brings together 30 days of practices that will help you on the journey. With his guidance, you will learn how to embody the dimensions of awakened awareness with your family, career, and every other aspect of your life.

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What does “awakening” mean to you? Perhaps it’s disconnecting from day-to-day concerns and living free from worldly stresses. Maybe you think awakening is an expanded, intuitive awareness of unseen realities. Or maybe it is the transcendence of suffering and never experiencing pain.

For Adyashanti, awakening has everything to do with identity—with dislodging misplaced identity and letting your true identity arise on its own. It’s about understanding how you are connected with the rest of existence.

Though no two people experience awakening in the same way, there are many practices that will help you on the path. In his course The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge, Adyashanti distills more than 20 years of teaching these practices into a month-long journey.

Over the course of 30 days, he will guide you through three dimensions of awakening. First, you will discover the always-available presence of awakened awareness. Then you will learn how to drop into the compassionate space of the Spiritual Heart. From there, you will delve into the infinite potential of the ground of being. Finally, he shares how awakening to these states of awareness can enrich your everyday life.

When you enroll in The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge, you'll receive 30 days of audio teachings that guide you through the various dimensions of awakening, two Q&A sessions recorded during live broadcasts, guided meditations and exercises to support your exploration of self.

We hope you join The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge. When you wake up from the dream of your assumptions, you will discover who you really are—an entire universe of insight, joy, and boundless love.



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