The Enlightened Sex Manual

Sexual Skills for the Superior Lover
Paperback Book
Paperback Book
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A revolutionary collection of practices and skills for spiritual and sexual awakening.
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The secret to enlightenment and great sex is revealed to be one and the same in this groundbreaking manual for adventurous lovers. David Deida was trained for decades in the art of spiritual and sexual awakening. Now he presents the ultimate collection of skills for opening to the physical, emotional, and spiritual rewards of intimate embrace.

Provocative and direct, The Enlightened Sex Manual teaches you how to transform simple "skin friction" into the depths and embodiment of ecstasy; how to develop sexual abilities as gifts of heart rapture and bodily surrender; how to achieve the principal types of orgasm and all their varieties; and much more.

For men and women, singles and couples of every sexual orientation, The Enlightened Sex Manual provides a complete program for sustaining "whole-body recognition of love's light" in the wild play of sexuality.

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Paperback Book eBook
Contents Paperback Book (192 pages) eBook (192 pages)
Dimensions 5 x 5 inches
Product Code BK01154 BK01154W
ISBN Number 978-1-59179-585-8 978-1-59179-852-1
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