The Enneagram

Nine Gateways to Presence
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Are you a Challenger? A Loyalist? An Enthusiast? These are just three of the personality types described by the Enneagram. In The Enneagram, join Russ Hudson to understand how this powerful system can help initiate the changes you need to reach your goals, understand your inner world, and move beyond self-imposed boundaries.

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Explore the full scope of the Enneagram to illuminate your greatest wisdom, become your truest self, and face life’s challenges with fortitude and grace
“Who am I, really?” It’s such a fundamental question of human existence that entire schools of philosophy, spirituality, and scientific pursuit have been founded to ponder it. 
Of these, the Enneagram is one of the most robust and informative tools for investigating some of the deeper layers of the self, yet the full power of it is not always taught. Leading scholar Russ Hudson teaches, “Too often, the Enneagram is viewed as a set of simple personality types that lock us into fixed ideas about ourselves. In reality, it’s a dynamic tool for transformation.”
With The Enneagram: Nine Gateways to Presence, Hudson shares an in-depth audio training on how to use this powerful system the way it was originally intended—as a pathway to deeper self-knowledge and spiritual attunement. Rather than providing a simple explanatory guide to the Enneagram’s nine personality types (such as the Achiever, the Investigator, or the Enthusiast), Hudson offers an in-depth training in the potential of the entire system. And when you understand the Enneagram as a whole, you will discover new avenues to emotional literacy, greater compassion, and the recognition of all life’s inherent gifts.
Here you will learn:
  • Why attachment to a single personality type obscures the full purpose and potential of the Enneagram
  • How to investigate and discern the purpose of lifelong survival strategies
  • Each personality type’s polarities—from passions to virtues, fixations to holy ideas
  • How the Enneagram reveals deeper truths about our interconnectedness
  • What different levels of self-development look like for each personality type
  • How to bring the experience and lessons of Presence into everyday life
Including guided meditation sessions tailored for each personality type, The Enneagram is an invitation to think beyond self-made boundaries and gain insight into your ongoing challenges, greatest strengths, and highest path of growth.
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Russ Hudson

About Russ Hudson

Russ Hudson is one of the principal scholars on the Enneagram today. He is president of Enneagram Personality Types, Inc., cofounder of the Enneagram Institute, and has coauthored several bestselling books, including The Wisdom of the Enneagram and Personality Types, as well as a scientifically validated test instrument, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI). He resides in New York City. For more, see

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