The Kitchen Healer

The Journey to Becoming You
Hardcover Book
Hardcover Book
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With The Kitchen Healer, Jules Blaine Davis invites women to nourish their lives by deepening their relationships with the hearth of the home: the kitchen. Though the book contains recipes—with ingredients both traditional and emotional—this is a different kind of cookbook, one for cooking up the life you deeply long to live.

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Look at your relationship with your kitchen, and you discover the unconscious recipe guiding your life.

All the ways you live and love begin in your kitchen. And it’s in the kitchen where you’ll find the way to your true self. A place to nourish your being and heal with the freedom, beauty, and permission you have always longed for.

With The Kitchen Healer, Jules Blaine Davis invites you into the messy beauty of her healing kitchen and asks, “What are you really hungry for?”

Jules teaches that how we were or weren’t nourished in our childhood kitchens shapes every aspect of our lives today, and so it is through the kitchen that we find healing from the stress, overwhelm, and trauma that so many of us carry.

Though this book contains recipes—with ingredients both traditional and emotional—this isn’t your typical cookbook. This is a book that will shine a light on how to cook up the life you deeply long to live with food you love to make.

As you rest and receive in the cozy glow of Jules and her kitchen, you’ll begin to understand that the freedom to turn on the fire—in the kitchen and in your life—is one and the same.
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Jules Blaine Davis

About Jules Blaine Davis

Jules Blaine Davis, the Kitchen Healer, is a TED speaker and one of Goop’s leading experts on women’s healing. She has led transformational gatherings, retreats, and a private practice for over fifteen years. She has facilitated deeply nourishing experiences at OWN and on retreat with Oprah Winfrey, among many other miracles. Jules is a pioneer in her field, inviting women to awaken and rewrite the stories they have been carrying for far too long in their day-to-day lives. She is cooking up a movement to inspire and support women to discover who they are becoming. For more, visit

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