The Untethered Soul Lecture Series Volume 7

Honoring and Respecting Reality
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“When you let go of your need to control everything in life,” teaches Michael A. Singer, “you are no longer an instrument of your mind and what it creates—worry, fear, burden, and suffering.” In this session, you’ll explore how to escape the confines of the mind and enter into the full experience of all creation.
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Out of the confines of your mind and into the full experience of all creation
"Reality is an immense and holy gift," reflects Michael A. Singer. "There are billions of things happening in the universe right now, and what do we do? We make a tiny list and tell ourselves that 'unless these five things happen, I'll be miserable!' This is the cause of all unhappiness—the inability to accept creation for what it is."
But there is a way out, reveals Singer: rather than trying to control your world, choose to rest in consciousness—in the awareness independent of your thoughts and feelings. Then, fully experience and serve every moment unfolding before you.
"When you let go of yourself," he teaches, "you are no longer an instrument of your mind and what it creates—worry, fear, burden, and suffering. Instead, you become an instrument in the manifestation of life. Free of mind, you dance with the present."
In this audio learning session, listeners join the acclaimed author of The Untethered Soul as he guides us back to the state of pure, joyful experience. Along the way, you'll explore:
  • The freedom of non-judgment
  • Surfing the waves of life, rather than being surfed by them
  • How to be spontaneous and present—where we enjoy and excel at whatever we do
  • Why we want to control reality rather than simply experience it
  • Attuning to the consciousness of the greater Self
  • How to release unwanted fears and needs
  • The heart as a symphony of fascinating feelings
  • Learning to reconnect with life, and much more
For both those new and familiar with Michael A. Singer's work, The Untethered Soul Lecture Series, Volume 7: Honoring and Respecting Reality expands upon his books to help us emerge out of the dark cell of the personal mind and into the expansive wonder awaiting just beyond its walls.
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Michael Singer

About Michael Singer

Michael A. Singer is author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Untethered Soul and the New York Times bestsellers The Surrender Experiment and Living Untethered, all of which are published worldwide. He had a deep inner awakening in 1971 while working on his doctorate in economics and went into seclusion to focus on yoga and meditation. In 1975, he founded Temple of the Universe, a now long-established yoga and meditation center where people of any religion or set of beliefs can come together to experience inner peace. Along with his nearly five decades of spiritual teaching, Singer has made major contributions in the areas of business, education, health care, and environmental protection. Discover more here.

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