The Way of Virtue

Qigong Meditations to Cultivate Perfect Peace in an Imperfect World
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Paperback Book
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Internationally renowned Qigong master Robert Peng offers an accessible entry into the potent practice of Qigong meditation, helping you channel healing energy precisely where it’s most needed to unleash the virtuous qualities of every internal organ, such as peace, courage, and resilience—and tap into the limitless wisdom contained in your body.

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Beloved Qigong master Robert Peng returns with meditations to empower you to tap into the limitless wisdom contained in your body. 

“Peace on earth mirrors peace within,” says Robert Peng. Yet when we bring energies of disharmony into our lives—like stress, trauma, and discord—those energies take up residence in our bodies and minds. Feelings of isolation and disconnection, according to Peng, are manifestations of a divided mind. Fortunately, the answer for restoration is all around us in the form of life-giving Qi. With The Way of Virtue, this renowned teacher presents a hands-on guide to Qigong meditations designed to channel healing energy precisely where it’s most needed—and make room for the abundant virtues that naturally arise from a balanced body.

Peng expertly describes the nature of the mind and guides you toward the awakening of Spirit, offering the opportunity to cultivate a consistent practice and invite profound changes in well-being. Through his lucid descriptions, along with illustrations and audio guidance, he presents Qigong meditations focused on the organ system and meridian network, as well as healing sounds, paving the way to a deeper connection with one’s spiritual practice. Here you’ll learn which emotions are stored in specific organs, along with practices to draw in Qi to awaken and empower your bodymind. As you engage in these practices, you’ll unleash the virtuous qualities of every internal organ: courage, kindness, resilience, and much more.

Building to the final three meditations, you’ll be guided to awaken particular aspects of the mind and their related virtues, including:

  • The Six Healing Sounds to awaken Higher Mind for goodwill
  • The Twelve Meridian Empowerment to awaken Pure Mind for benevolence
  • Huo Lu Gong Spirit Cultivation to awaken Spirit for peace

“Our bodies contain the virtues that our world needs,” shares Robert Peng. Meditation is a powerful means to awaken these qualities and harmonize our connection to the world. When suffused with Qi, every cell becomes charged with vitality and benevolence—and you will radiate this nourishing energy wherever you go.

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Robert Peng

About Robert Peng

Robert Peng is an internationally renowned Qigong master. He has used his extraordinary abilities to help countless people regain optimum health and vitality. He is the author of The Master Key and multiple Qigong videos. He lives in New York and teaches internationally. For more, visit

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Rafael Nasser is a board-certified massage therapist and Qigong practitioner. He is the author of Under One Sky and collaborated on The Master Key.