The Way of Virtue

Qigong Meditations to Cultivate Perfect Peace in an Imperfect World
Paperback Book - Preorder (Available June 11, 2024)
Paperback Book - Preorder
Available June 11, 2024
eBook - Preorder
Available June 11, 2024
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Qigong master Robert Peng returns with daily meditations to empower your organs—and tap into the limitless wisdom contained in your body.

"The Way of Virtue," as described by esteemed spiritual teacher Robert Peng, "is a comprehensive guide to self-cultivation and spiritual advancement. This book transcends the common understanding of spirituality, defining it as a state of mind characterized by perfect peace and unity." Feelings of isolation and disconnection, according to Peng, are manifestations of a divided mind, which can be restored through the practice of meditation and by expressing virtues in our daily lives. Renowned spiritual masters have formulated a path to holistic well-being, and this book translates that path into a language that resonates with the modern soul.

The Way of Virtue introduces readers to Qigong meditations designed to channel healing energy precisely where it is most needed in oneself, thereby fostering a healthy and balanced body and mind. The meditations center on the internal organs and the meridian network, paving the way to a deeper spiritual connection. The book is complemented by clear illustrations, making it an accessible tool for spiritual practice.

Through daily practice, one can learn to cultivate goodwill, benevolence, and peace. Robert Peng believes that these qualities have the power to transform the self. He shares, "Our bodies contain the virtues that our world needs. Each of us can become a living blessing and enshrine peace and serenity in our imperfect world.” In essence, The Way of Virtue empowers individuals to become wellsprings of compassion contributing to a more harmonious planet.
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Paperback Book - Preorder (Available June 11, 2024) eBook - Preorder (Available June 11, 2024)
Contents Paperback Book (320 pages) eBook (320 pages)
Dimensions 6 x 8 inches
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Robert Peng

About Robert Peng

Robert Peng is an internationally renowned Qigong master. He has used his extraordinary abilities to help countless people regain optimum health and vitality. He is the author of The Master Key and multiple Qigong videos. He lives in New York and teaches internationally. For more, visit

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Rafael Nasseris a board-certified massage therapist, astrologer, and Qigong practitioner. He is author of the book Under One Sky and collaborated on the book The Master Key.