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Explore food as a doorway to spiritual fulfillment in this interactive online workshop.
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Food as Doorway to Spiritual Fulfillment

Right smack in the middle of your plate, you have what most people go to temples, ashrams, or churches for: a spiritual path. “Food is one of our greatest teachers,” shares acclaimed author and teacher Geneen Roth. “The way we eat is inseparable from our core beliefs about love, fear, transformation, and yes, even God.” Based on her New York Times bestseller Women, Food, and God, Roth invites us to join her for an online workshop for learning how to examine these deeply held beliefs, find our way back to truth, and discover what really nourishes us.

A culmination of the past 30 years of her passionate work in psychology, awareness, and spirituality, this event includes four 90-minute teaching and Q&A sessions spiced with Roth’s heartfelt teachings, proven practices, and humorous insights. Using an experiential self-inquiry method and guided meditations, we’ll explore our relationship to food, our feelings, and weight, and “follow it to the end, where our divine, authentic self awaits us.”

In praise for the work of Geneen Roth:“Hugely important work, a life-changer, one that will free women from the tyranny and fear and hopelessness around their bodies.”
—Anne Lamott, author of Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith

Awareness, Curiosity, and Love—Three Powerful Keys to Our Transformation

Our work in this online journey, teaches Roth, is not to change what we do, but to witness what we do with enough awareness, curiosity, and tenderness that the lies and old decisions upon which the compulsion is based become apparent and fall away. To begin this honest examination, we’ll start by asking ourselves such questions as: What am I really hungry for? How can I have what I want without suffering afterward? Can I see myself and be seen for who I am? Is it possible to contact the source of love, light, stillness, and peace—and to live my life from that place? By addressing these questions—the ones we often want to avoid—we contact the sacred part of ourselves that is fresh, alive, divine, and ready to support our personal transformation.

With The Women, Food, and God Online Workshop, Roth offers six hours of expert tools and down-to-earth teachings to help you learn how to respect, cherish, and nourish your body from the inside out.

Program Highlights:

  • Using your relationship with food to discover fulfillment you never thought possible
  • Understanding how lasting weight loss and fulfillment in life actually happen
  • Why no situation or feeling is unworkable
  • How to stay with yourself when you are in pain
  • The Belly Meditation for reconnecting to your body and your feelings
  • Refining a way of eating that is tailored to your body, feelings, and life
  • How to use inquiry—not as method for discovering answers to puzzling problems, but rather as a direct and experiential revelation process
  • Disengaging “The Voice” of your inner critic to find your strength, passion, and energy
  • Learning how to cherish yourself and rediscover your “loveliness”


Session One: Inhabiting Your Body

By definition, teaches Roth, compulsion is eating without regard to the body’s cues. It therefore follows that when we develop the capacity to steer our attention back to the body and become aware of what it says—and are willing to listen to it— compulsion will fall away. In this session, we’ll learn the Belly Meditation to help us get in touch with our body and our feelings. We’ll also explore what it means to “inhabit our body” and some of the ways, such as the Bolting Technique, that we try to escape from it.

Session Two: Open Curiosity—A Path to Inner Discovery

What am I really hungry for? How can I have what I want without suffering afterward? Can I see myself and be seen for who I really am? Is it possible to contact the source of love, light, stillness, and peace—and to live my life from that place? In this session, we’ll explore these questions and learn how to use a body-based method of inquiry for self-discovery. We’ll briefly discuss the key ingredients of this process—openness, self-love, and compassion—and then highlight tips for putting it to work in our lives so that we can ultimately reconnect to our truth and reality.

Session Three: “The Voice” and How to Work with It

“You can’t do that. You’re no good. That’s impossible.” We all have what Roth calls The Voice, an inner critic that usurps our power. Voice-induced decisions—those made from shame, guilt, or deprivation—are ineffective because they are based on fear of consequences, not on truth. This session will help us learn how to disengage from The Voice so that we can reclaim our strength, passion, and energy and make clear day-to-day, moment-to-moment decisions about our health and wellness.

Session Four: Discovering Our Divine Essence

We often turn to eating because we are hungry for something we can’t name: a connection to something sacred beyond the concerns of daily life. In this session, a variety of topics will be covered including the most common types of compulsive eaters (the controllers and permitters) and how these patterns can help us better understand our own habits. We’ll also go beyond Roth’s well-known Seven Eating Guidelines to explore what eating looks like when it’s relaxed and nourishing, free and life sustaining.

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Geneen Roth is a writer and teacher whose work focuses on using addiction as a path to the inner universe. She has written bestselling books and is a frequent guest on national radio and television shows, including 20/20 and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her newest book is Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything.