The Scientific Roots of Wisdom, Compassion, and What Makes Us Good
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Hardcover Book
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From Dilip Jeste, MD, a pioneer in his field of research, a groundbreaking exploration of the neurobiology and psychology of wisdom: what science says it is and how to nurture it within yourself—at any stage of your life.
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From the field's pioneer, an exploration of the neurobiology and psychology of wisdom: what science says it is and how to nurture it within yourself—at any stage of your life. 
What exactly does it mean to be "wise?" And is it possible to grow and even accelerate its unfolding?
For over two decades, Dr. Dilip Jeste has led the search for the biological and cognitive roots of wisdom. What's emerged from his work is that wisdom is a very real and deeply multilayered set of traits.

Across many cultures and centuries, he's found that wise people are compassionate and empathetic, aware of their gifts and blind spots, open-minded, resolute and calm amid uncertainty, altruistic decision-makers who learn from their experiences, able to see from many perspectives and "altitudes," and often blessed with a sense of adventure and humor.
"The modern rise in suicides, opioid abuse, loneliness, and internet addiction is damaging people’s health and destroying the social fabric," Dr. Jeste reflects. But we all have the ability to nurture and grow every facet of wisdom to face these challenges and others more effectively.
If you seek to be a wiser person—with your family, at work, and in your community—this book will show you how, with the researcher who's launched and advanced this exciting new path to our highest human potential.
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Dilip Jeste

About Dilip Jeste

Dilip Jeste, MD, is the senior associate dean for healthy aging and senior care, a professor of psychiatry and neurosciences, and director of the Center for Healthy Aging at the University of California San Diego. He is also a past president of the American Psychiatric Association. A neuropsychiatrist specializing in geriatric issues, Jeste has spent more than 20 years studying aspects of healthy aging and the neurobiological roots of wisdom.

Scott LaFee

About Scott LaFee

Scott LaFee is currently the director of communications and media relations for UC San Diego Health, UC San Diego Health Sciences, and the UC San Diego School of Medicine. He was previously a science writer and editor at the San Diego Union-Tribune, nominated five times for the Pulitzer Prize. He has been a contributor to New Scientist, People, and Businessweek.