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On Hiding, Seeking, and Being Found
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Classic talks on the “great game” of the universe—a 12-hour audio retreat with Alan Watts.
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The Universe Is Playing Hide and Seek—and You’re It!

Imagine you’re climbing a mountain path that will lead you to a paradise where all your needs are met and your questions answered. What do you find when you reach the top? A mirror. This is the great cosmic game, reveals Alan Watts—that everything you’re seeking through meditation, self-improvement, or spiritual practice is always hiding inside of you. On You’re It!, join this legendary “stand-up philosopher” for 15 classic talks on how to play your role in the divine drama of existence with a clear mind, open eyes, and an abiding sense of the joy in the game itself.

See What Answers Are Hidden in Your Own Reflection

Just as you need a mirror to see your own face, the best way to see your own true nature is to let a teacher like Alan Watts reflect it back to you. Watts stands out as one of the 20th century’s most compelling voices because he is so adept at holding up this spiritual looking glass. With his unique combination of penetrating insight and playful irreverence, Watts illuminates the truth that unites all the great wisdom traditions from the East and West—that the universe is always expressing its full, delightful mystery through you.

A 12-hour Audio Retreat with the Original Spiritual Entertainer

These restored audio sessions selected by Alan Watts’ son and archivist Mark Watts reveal the master in his element, performing a one-man “spiritual jam session” before a live audience. Whether he’s unraveling Taoist thought, poking fun at our modern myths, or exploring the subtle beauty of Japanese poetry, Alan Watts always returns to one all-important lesson—how to get out of your own way and live in the perfection that is always present.


  • The game of yes and no—how non-dual truths are revealed in the duality of Yin and Yang
  • Mysticism and morality—exploring the relationship between revelation and ethics
  • On Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and their translation into Western thought
  • The beauty of the unenlightened state—why you don’t have to be “awakened” to play the great game
  • Mind over mind—the contradiction at the heart of all spiritual practice
  • The veil of thoughts—how to stop being bamboozled by your own brain
  • What is reality? Is the universe a ceramic pot, a clockwork engine, or something far more interesting?
  • Seventeen hours of philosophy, humor, and stunning insight from legendary spiritual entertainer Alan Watts
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