Heart of Silence
Piano and Flute Meditations

Grammy®nominees Peter Kater and Michael Brant DeMaria present their first studio collaboration with eight improvisational “sound poems” that arose from a shared space of deep listening and love. These beautiful piano and flute duets are ideal for meditation and the healing arts.
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Nature expresses a deeper kind of music that can only be heard when we quiet the mind, open the heart, and step into silence. Heart of Silence presents the first collaboration between Grammy®-award nominees Peter Kater and Michael Brant DeMaria. Pairing Kater’s elevating piano with DeMaria’s soothing Native American flute, these soulful improvisations invite us to explore and evoke the mysterious depths within each one of us.



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Beautiful Improvising from the Heart Review by Ed


It is always amazing to me how musicians like these two can have the courage, trust and love to "not" play and allow the sound and space to have as strong an impact as playing musical lines would. Beautifully done. (Posted on November 10, 2015)

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An outstanding collaboration with two amazing musicians. Review by KathyPiano


"Heart of Silence" is the first collaboration by pianist Peter Kater and Native American flutist Michael Brant DeMaria. With fourteen Grammy nominations between them, this album seems very likely to place both artists firmly inside the Winners Circle for 2015. Both are widely-known for their deeply spiritual improvisations and the music for this album was created during meditative sessions. Each track is a free improvisation performed without any rehearsals or pre-planning. Kater and DeMaria chose which key they were going to play in and started recording. In turn, the intention is for the eight tracks to be listened to as meditations.

The inspiration for "Heart of Silence" was DeMaria’s experience of having his mother die in his arms only to be revived by emergency cardiac surgery. Profoundly touched and changed by the experience, DeMaria wanted to find a way to express that experience musically - the mix of grief, connection, and love that was both ominous and comforting at the same time. He had three custom deep bass flutes made for this project, searching for the lowest sound he could find. The flute with the lowest tone used on this recording is five feet in length - a sub-bass A minor flute - and only one other such flute exists. It becomes a voice from the depths and a drone instrument to express the inexpressible. DeMaria says that his whole body vibrates when he plays this flute. Blended with Kater’s soulful piano, the duo has created a masterpiece of simplicity and profound meaning that should touch the spirit of anyone who experiences it.

The music itself is very open, free, and deeply emotional. The sound of the deep bass flute is dark but also very warm and comforting. The percussive quality of the piano contrasts beautifully with the more rounded tones of the bass flute. Kater has often recorded and performed with Native American flutists, so it is no surprise that this album works so well. However, this is far from a duplication of previous work - DeMaria has his own musical style and message to convey - and the duo has created an album that is unique and very personal. Although there are short breaks between the tracks, the album plays as a cohesive one hour listening/meditating experience and yet each piece stands alone as well.

Sure to be one of my Favorites for 2015, "Heart of Silence" is available from SoundsTrue.com, Amazon and iTunes. Very highly recommended!

Kathy Parsons
MainlyPiano.com (Posted on April 20, 2015)

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A musical exploration of diaphanous realms... Review by Michael Diamond


As the album’s subtitle, “Piano and Flute Meditations” indicates, the music blends Peter’s elevating piano with the soothing sounds of Michael on a variety of Native American flutes. In describing the recording and creative process, Michael shares: “Each track was a total free improvisation - no rehearsals - no pre-planning. We just decided on what key to play in and started recording. We both have a similar process of recording - by allowing the music to emerge out of silence - letting go of the logical strategic mind, and allowing the spirit of the moment to guide us. This description certainly proved to be accurate as the album opened with the title track. It is indeed quite spacious and meditative and took on a particular significance for me as I listened and reflected on the gossamer veils that separate life and death, which is a focal point in the inspiration behind this album. In my full-length review of this album on Music and Media Focus, I covered this fascinating back-story in depth.

The next track, “Radiant Dawn,” has more motion, driven by Peter’s rolling arpeggios that flow like a river with Michael’s higher pitched Native flute soaring above it. The sound of the low bass flutes sometimes have a similar role and effect as a drone instrument like a didjeridoo, as it does on the gentle and expansive “First Breath.” Peter’s piano playing here is absolutely gorgeous and I marveled at his ability to improvise such evocative melodies in the moment. There are a number of interesting role reversals from song to song as the album evolves. At times, the drone of Michael’s bass flute creates a foundation for Peter to improvise over. While on some tracks, Peter’s more sparse playing, as on “Midnight Dreaming,” holds down the fort, so to speak, as Michael weaves an enchanting spell on a higher-pitched Native flute.

Throughout the album I appreciated the improvisational nature of the recording and an image came to mind of these two musicians as sonic surfers, waiting to catch the next wave of inspiration and riding it into shore, which they did on each of these heartfelt musical meditations. As mentioned, the separation between this world and the next is thinly veiled, and I appreciate Michael and Peter’s intention to musically explore this diaphanous realm. Heart Of Silence is perfect for meditation, relaxation, yoga, healing work, and more. The creative chemistry between Peter Kater and Michael Brant DeMaria is magical. They are both superb musicians in their own right, but what they have created together is as unique as it is transcendent. "Heart Of Silence" provides a dream-like voyage between the worlds that I’m sure many listeners will enjoy taking again and again.

(Posted on April 1, 2015)

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Without words music can carry a very powerful message! Review by MuzikMan


This is the first collaboration between renowned new age recording artists Peter Kater and Michael Brant DeMaria. Both men have carved out their own niche and are well respected in the genre. The combination of piano and flute coexist with a purpose and meaning on the new release titled Heart of Silence.

The duo refers to the eight tracks as sound poems. Kater’s elegant piano coupled with DeMaria’s Native American flutes is a step into solace and grace found beyond daily life and our surroundings. The tracks invite your soul to find the peace waiting to be discovered, it’s yours for the taking if you let this music look inward. Just relax and let it take you over. This is excellent meditation music however I found it quite enjoyable to listen to without any particular focus, I just took it all in with the realization that I could enjoy it for no other reason than letting the vibrations and sounds soothe my weary mind and give my soul a sense of calm and peace.

DeMaria was inspired to go in this direction after his mother nearly died in his arms. While that is a very sad event in a person’s life I am sure he saw the beauty and acceptance of moving on for his beloved mother and also how blessed he was to be there for her. Life and death is a process we all go through but it is our choice which road we take and how we either embrace each phase of our existence or turn away and refuse to acknowledge the spirit within us all. Most certainly the love a child has for a mother is something special and a connection like no other for all living creatures. I think DeMaria opening himself to that experience allowed this amazing music to be created and has prepared him for when that day arrives when his mother decides to move on. He decided to use a deep base flute that provided a drone like sound comparable to a didgeridoo. That sound projects beautifully and provides a foundation for the rest of the music to gently float over the top like clouds moving across the sky or a hot spring bubbling beneath the surface. It was a choice that was initiated by DeMaria’s experience while his mother was going between the spirit world and her existence her on the physical plane. When he closed his eyes while holding his mother he could see a light and a deep oooommmm sound, a drone if you will. That is how this all came about. He is blessed with the comfort of knowing that his loved one will indeed pass on to another beautiful existence.

I found “Tender Heart” as the most exceptional track. It is moving and spacious as a clear night glittering with thousands of stars. The music is pure like the earth and sky above and the sounds and textures in the track made me feel closer to Mother Earth. We are all here to honor our place on this great planet. All eight tracks are beautiful and serve a higher purpose and all you have to do is listen and find out where it will take you. Each track blends into the next making it a complete and satisfying journey of sounds and atmospheres.

This is the kind of music that is for relaxation, meditation, reflection, recharging yourself and realigning your purpose and meaning. Life holds many gifts for us all but at times we are pulled away from what is right in front of us with our busy lives and pressures of work and all the noise and chatter that can swallow us up if we let it. I choose to survive the day and then let music from CDs like Heart of Silence remind me of who I am and what is really important. Without words music can carry a very powerful message and I am thankful I was able to hear it and grateful for some insight into the lessons presented to one man.

4.5/5 Stars
Key Tracks: ALL

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
March 28, 2015
Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews
(Posted on March 28, 2015)

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Instrument recordings mismatched Review by Denno


Somehow the flute recording was not clean and became irritating especially on the deep ended notes which was overpowering and overdone, much the same throughout . Maybe acoustics were not right for flute. The piano was beautiful! Could have been a whole lot better though, did have some beautiful segments! (Posted on March 14, 2015)

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