Shambhala Warrior Training

How to Manifest Courage, Authenticity & Gentleness in Every Situation of Your Life

Shambhala Warrior Training

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In the legendary warrior kingdom of Shambhala, enlightened citizens lived in an advanced society based on fearlessness and nonaggression. Now Shambhala Warrior Training unlocks their secret: how to develop personal power through direct, genuine experience.

In this intensive six-CD learning course, Cynthia Kneen presents these ancient teachings as revealed through Tibet's most revered lineage of enlightened warriors. A living synthesis of archetypal, Buddhist, and shamanistic principles, Shambhala Warrior Training teaches you the authentic practices these noble people have used for centuries to cultivate natural bravery, dignity, and gentleness.

Join this respected Shambhala teacher as she explores:

  • Basic goodness—the warrior's vivid, personal experience of the world
  • Meditation and individual courage
  • The cocoon—numbing mental patterns and how to break free of them
  • How to develop the power of genuine presence at work, at home, and in all situations
  • Freedom, richness, and the warrior's attitude
  • Windhorse—the energetic aspect of basic goodness

Through time-tested teachings and practices, Kneen shows you how to manifest warriorship under any circumstances, in every moment of your life. You will discover drala—the magical strength and wisdom in the world as it is—and learn how to transform fear into fearlessness.

Shambhala Warrior Training will guide you along your own personal road to Shambhala: a sacred kingdom, shining with truth and peace, whose legend has endured for more than 2,000 years.


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Customer Reviews

Review for Shambhala Warrior Training Review by c

Cynthia does a very good job of describing the essence of the Shambhala Warrior. I'm in my first year of the Shambhala levels and and found it consistent with the teachings received at retreat wtih an added bonus...I can' listen to them again! It's helped to reinforce and solidify concepts that are tough to explain since words by definition take you away from what it is being explained in the way verbalizing a sensation makes you stop feeling the sensation. A good addition.

(Posted on 12/21/2012)

Review for Shambhala Warrior Training Review by Mary Morgan

I have listened to it everyday for the past 2 weeks and always hear something new. This audio book
Is outstanding!
I can not recommend it enough.

(Posted on 6/28/2012)

Review for Shambhala Warrior Training Review by Lamees Mansur

This program is one of my most favorite. I bought it because I used to have it in cassette form and wanted to upgrade to a CD. The material/content is priceless. I have listened to this over and over over the years and always received value at different levels.
This program inspired me to find the Buddhist Group that have trainings on this subject and I was able to go through the Warrior training.
Excellent material...just give it a chance by listenning to it over and over.

(Posted on 3/30/2011)


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