A Personal Spirituality

A Personal Spirituality

Finding Your Own Way to a Meaningful Life

What if you can’t adhere to a traditional religious path—yet the secular world isn’t providing the nourishment your soul needs to survive? “I recommend a third way,” teaches Thomas Moore. “You can develop your own inclusive practice that does not separate the secular from the sacred.” In this immersive audio, Moore explores the essential qualities of a personal spiritual path that embraces your unique passion and personal goals.

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Spiritual Practice Beyond Institutional Religion and Secularism
As much as science tries to answer all our questions and technology tries to make life easier, there is always a part of us that hungers for something greater. “We have a soul that needs meaning and purpose, as much as the body needs food and water,” says Thomas Moore. With A Personal Spirituality, this respected teacher presents a guide for cultivating your own practice and faith—not based on laws etched in rigid tradition, but on your inner yearning for wisdom and truth.
How to Let Your Soul Guide Your Spiritual Practice
“The gift of spirituality is not to provide an escape from the world,” teaches Moore. “Its power is to take us so deep into the wonder of everyday life that we are fully absorbed, motivated, and inspired.” In these sessions, he reveals the key steps for developing a deeply engaged practice that arises from your unique perspective and gifts. Here he illuminates the sacred aspect of relationships and sexuality; examines the shadow side of both spirituality and secularism; offers guidance for relating to the timeless wisdom of religious traditions; and reveals how beauty, art, and deep intuition can serve as your greatest guides and teachers.
“I believe many of us are shifting toward a more intense, substantive spirituality,” says Moore. “In this time of unprecedented connection, we have the opportunity to make a better spiritual life than we did before.” A Personal Spirituality is a powerful call to find a spiritual path that honors both your rational intelligence and the imperatives of your soul.

• Beyond dogma—a new way to relate to religious traditions and text
• Soul Meditation—a practice that fully embraces memories, fantasies, thoughts, and other so-called “distractions”
• How dreams can guide us to the deeper needs of our soul and psyche
• Defining a code of ethics and moral guidance based on expansiveness instead of fear
• Ordinary mysticism—the art of finding the sacred in anything, even the parts of life we reject or disdain
• How we can trust our sexuality as a valued aspect of our spiritual lives
• Creating a supportive spiritual community not based around a single shared practice or belief system
• Embracing art and beauty for their sacred qualities beyond simple entertainment
• Prayer as an affirmation of respect for the unknown and trust in the generosity of life
• Using intuition and synchronicity for spiritual guidance
• How vows can help you steer your spiritual course—and how to recognize when they no longer serve you
• Seven hours of insights and guidance on defining your unique, ever-evolving spiritual practice from Thomas Moore




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