Emotional Intimacy

A Comprehensive Guide for Connecting with the Power of Your Emotions
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Narrated by Jarrod Davis

Despite being one of the most elemental parts of ourselves, emotions can be confused and unnerving as they arise. In Emotional Intimacy, renowned therapist Robert Augustus Masters will show you how to manage anger, experience new depths of feeling, heal old wounds, and much more. An unabridged audiobook.

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“In Emotional Intimacy, Robert Masters offers a primer on emotions—from the most primary to the most subtle. Whether you are currently in a relationship or wish to be in one, this is a very worthwhile book to pick up and select a chapter from which to taste, digest, transform, and heal. As a couples’ therapist, I will definitely recommend this book to my clients.” —Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT, author of Wired for Love 

Emotions link our feelings, thoughts, and conditioning at multiple levels—and yet they may remain a largely untapped source of strength, freedom, and connection. The capacity to be intimate with all our emotions, teaches Robert Augustus Masters, is essential for creating fulfilling relationships and living with awareness, love, and integrity. With Emotional Intimacy, this respected therapist and author invites us to explore:

  • How to deepen our emotional literacy and become intimate with all our emotions
  • The nature of emotional disconnection and what to do about it
  • How to identify our emotions, fully experience them, and skillfully express them
  • Illuminating, resolving, and healing old emotional wounds
  • Gender differences in emotional intimacy and expression
  • Steps for bringing greater emotional intimacy and depth into our relationships
  • In-depth guidance for those facing depression, anxiety, and shame
  • Why “blowing off steam” may make us feel worse, and the nature of healthy catharsis
  • The difference between anger and aggression, shame and guilt, jealousy and envy
  • Individual chapters for fully engaging with fear, anger, joy, jealousy, shame, grief, guilt, awe, and the full spectrum of our emotions

There are no negative or unwholesome emotions—only negative or harmful things we do with them. Through real-life examples, exercises, and an abundance of key insights, Masters provides a lucid guide for reclaiming our emotions, relating to them skillfully, and turning them into allies—to enrich and deepen our lives.

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Contents Digital Audio (11 hours, 17 minutes)
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Robert Augustus Masters

About Robert Augustus Masters

Robert Augustus Masters, PhD, is an integral psychotherapist, relationship expert, and spiritual teacher whose work blends the psychological and physical with the spiritual, emphasizing embodiment, emotional literacy, and the development of relational maturity. He is the author of thirteen books, including Transformation through Intimacy and Spiritual Bypassing. For more information, visit robertmasters.com

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