Endless Enlightenment

An Online Program on the View of Totality in the Diamond Approach
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Enlightenment is not a destination—it is a never-ending process of discovery and unfoldment. With Endless Enlightenment, cutting-edge teacher A.H. Almaas presents the latest evolution of his profound teaching, offering what he calls “the view of totality” through more than seven hours of insights and inquiry practice. Join A.H. Almaas to explore the paradoxes of spiritual practice, the mystery of emptiness, and “the recognition of the indeterminacy of reality that is crucial to living our realization and our freedom.”

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An Online Program on the View of Totality in the Diamond Approach 

Advanced Teachings on Consciousness, Spiritual Awakening, and the Ever-Changing Nature of the Universe—and you join the renowned author and creator of the Diamond Approach for his first online course on what he considers one of the most advanced aspects of his teaching: the view of totality

Over the course of eight weeks you will join this visionary guide as he shares a nonhierarchical perspective that he believes can expand exponentially our ability to appreciate the value of each and every spiritual path and practice.

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A.H. Almaas

About A.H. Almaas

A.H. Almaas is the pen name of A. Hameed Ali who has written more than 14 books including his most recent The Unfolding Now. In 1976, he founded the Ridhwan School, an organization with members in North America, Europe, and Australia that is dedicated to promoting the Diamond Approach®. Almaas resides in the San Francisco Bay area.