Feminine Genius

The Provocative Path to Waking Up and Turning On the Wisdom of Being a Woman
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Paperback Book
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"Women are like candle flames," writes LiYana Silver. "We can be dazzling sources of light and fire. But most of us are dimmed down, stressed out, and burnt out. The woman who will help to light and heal our world does the radical act of turning her own inner flame back on." Feminine Genius combines LiYana's insightful prose with nitty-gritty practices to help us break free of the conditioned cages that keep us trapped and reclaim the sensuality, power, and wild intelligence hidden within.
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There is a particular kind of insanity running rampant in the world that compels most women to stuff down, ignore, or hide parts of ourselves in order to be acceptable, attractive, or taken seriously.  
Which doesn’t work. It actually ensures we remain unfulfilled, miserable, and at war with ourselves—and that is a war no woman can win.
So now comes the good news: There is a path to help you become the woman you are aching to become.
This path is unruly, messy, a wee bit naughty, and audaciously asks you trust the very parts of you that you previously warred against. While this path has no script, map, or blueprint, you’ll learn to use your sensuous, desirous, wildly feeling female body as a steadfast and trustworthy compass.
This is the path of Feminine Genius.
To get you started, you’ll have the best of guides: women’s life coach LiYana Silver. “One of the most enduringly inspiring things in my life,” says LiYana, “is to watch a woman slip the Gordian knot of self-loathing, people-pleasing, and over-achieving and become simply and fully herself.”
Partly an irreverently reverent feminist treatise and partly a non-denominational devotional hymnal to the Sacred Feminine, Feminine Genius just might change forever what you know about your body, soul, sexuality, intuition, and power. In these pages, LiYana invites you to: 

  • Go deep and reconnect with the powerful parts of yourself you’ve hidden away
  • Meet your innate genius: the wild, creative, and infallible wisdom of your body
  • Brighten your everyday with hands-on practices
  • Tap into your inner knowing so you can stop second-guessing yourself and get clear about your next steps
  • Learn how to embrace your sexuality, emotions, desires, and cycles so you can achieve enormous effectiveness and fulfillment in life
  • Navigate your “dark” and work with painful, difficult experiences in healthy ways
  • Learn how you overuse your “masculine” strengths to the point of personal, cultural, and global breakdown
  • Discover why your “feminine” isn’t weak, but is one of the strongest and most trustworthy parts of you
  • Explore the history, physics, and biology of a universe built for harmony between “masculine” and “feminine”
  • Look in the mirror and see the face of the Goddess gazing back at you 

If you found a dusty bottle on a shelf of your cellar, there would be only one way to know if it contained an all-knowing genie with the power to actualize your deepest desires: open, and look inside.
Feminine Genius is a provocative wake-up call, nudging you to uncork that fabulous flask and find out just how much magic you’ve been hiding. Because you do have a genie in your bottle—and genius in your body.
Are you ready to open, and look inside?

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LiYana Silver

About LiYana Silver

LiYana Silver is a coach, teacher, and speaker who helps women find the full expression of their feminine strength in work and life. Her offerings include her mentorship program Woman: The Embodiment Experience and her online course Ignite Your Feminine Genius. She lives in Asheville, NC. For more, visit liyanasilver.com.