Good Morning Yoga

A Pose-by-Pose Wake Up Story
Hardcover Book
Hardcover Book
Board Book
Sounds True eReader (Immediate Access)

Yoga helps children learn how to focus, relax, and both self-monitor and self-soothe. Good Morning Yoga instills these four skills and more, enabling children to jumpstart the day with excitement and meet the adventures that come with mindfulness and perspective. Kid Power Yoga founder Mariam Gates weaves gentle exercises with a heartwarming narrative and wonderful illustrations to empower children to manage the energies that visit throughout the day. Includes an intention-setting visualization.

Full Description
Sounds True's picture book Good Morning Yoga is beloved by teachers, parents, and especially young yogis. This board book version brings the story and simple poses to the littlest readers. 

Whether they're an explorer crossing bridges, a gentle stream flowing downhill, or a brave ski jumper ready to fly, children will enjoy the adventure story that also helps them move their bodies and get ready for the day. 

The last spread of the book includes instructions for each yoga pose.
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Hardcover Book Board Book eBook
Contents Hardcover Book (36 pages) Board Book (22 pages) eBook (36 pages)
Dimensions 8 1/4 x 9 3/4 inches 6 x 6 inches
Product Code BK04684 BK05971 BK04684F
ISBN Number 978-1-62203-602-8 978-1-68364-573-3 978-1-62203-634-9
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Mariam Gates

About Mariam Gates

Mariam Gates holds a master’s in education from Harvard University and has more than 20 years’ experience working with children. Her renowned Kid Power Yoga™ program combines her love of yoga with teaching to help children access their inner gifts. For more, visit

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