Heart Work

Nine Ways to Transform Your Greatest Challenges into a Life of Love and Joy
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“In every person’s spiritual heart there is an opening into divine light, love, and joy,” teaches Dr. Roger Teel. With Heart Work this renowned speaker and spiritual leader presents more than six hours of teachings, practices, and guided meditations for living a heart-centered life. Taking us step by step through Nine Portals of Transformation—or common challenges and difficulties—Dr. Teel shows us how every obstacle is an opportunity for growth and mastery.
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Teachings, Practices, and Meditations for Living a Heart-Centered Life
What does it mean to live in a heart-centered way? How do we turn our biggest obstacles into openings for joy, connection, and possibility? These are the questions you will explore through Heart Work. As spiritual director of Denver’s Mile Hi Church for more than 30 years, Dr. Roger Teel has brought compassion and quiet illumination to those facing loss, health crises, and many other life challenges. “This program is about mastery of the heart,” teaches Dr. Teel, “Mastery is an empowering of our awareness of what life is, who we really are, and how we can create a skillful relationship with anything that might block our progress.” With Heart Work, this beloved minister provides us with an indispensable guide for living a life of greater meaning and happiness.

Awaken Your Heart through the Nine Portals of Transformation
Dr. Teel offers us a clear pathway for life mastery through what he refers to as “the Nine Portals of Transformation,” life-empowering openings for understanding our greatest challenges—such as fear, disease, and change—from the limitless wellspring of our hearts. You’ll work with key questioning, step-by-step processes, teaching stories, and guided meditations to help you meet difficulties while staying open and connected to life’s many gifts. In the words of Dr. Teel, “We can go from resistance to transcendence through the power of an awakened heart.”
A masterful guide and storyteller, Dr. Teel weaves together teachings of the world’s great wisdom traditions with moving real-world accounts of transformation to help us redefine and reframe our struggles in fresh and illuminating ways. Through more than six hours of insightful and practical teachings, Heart Work provides a wealth of guidance for anyone who wants a life of greater love and joy.
“In every person’s spiritual heart there is an opening into divine light, love, and universal joy. In moving through this opening we transcend resistances and obstructions and are welcomed into a paradise of answers, innovations, healing, reunion, and untold blessings.”
  • Develop greater resilience, compassion, and understanding through heart-centered living
  • How an awakened heart allows us to see that within each problem lies a greater possibility yearning to come forth
  • Resistance and Transcendence—why turning toward our challenges is our highest path
  • How do we open our hearts when facing the end of a relationship, loss of a job, or serious illness? Understand common struggles from new and illuminating perspectives.
  • Portals of Transformation—explore nine specific challenges through the lens of an awakened heart
  • Guided meditations for each of the Nine Portals, plus an extended heart chakra meditation
  • Step-by-step instructions and specific practices for turning obstacles into openings for greater love, meaning, and joy
  • Contemplative self-reflection questions to deepen your understanding of the spiritual roots of each challenge
  • Insights from a wide variety of wisdom traditions
  • More than six hours of inspirational wisdom, teaching stories, action steps, guided practices, and blessings with celebrated teacher and spiritual guide Dr. Roger Teel
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Contents Digital Audio (6 hours, 45 minutes)
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Roger Teel

About Roger Teel

Roger Teel, DD, is a global spiritual leader known for his unique blend of storytelling, humor, and practical spirituality. The senior minister and spiritual director of Denver’s Mile Hi Church, Dr. Teel is the author of This Life Is Joy (Tarcher, 2014). For more, visit rogerteel.com.