In Deep Shift

Riding the Waves of Change to Find Peace, Fulfillment, and Freedom
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Hardcover Book
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On the heels of major life change, we’re often left feeling disturbed and unsure what to do next. Yet what if such moments of crisis were gateways to expanded consciousness and freedom? In Deep Shift walks you through the journey of uncertainty, from the moment when “shift really hits the fan” to your return to the world as a changed human.

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An empowering guide to help you navigate those times when your life turns upside down and inside out—and the radical shift in consciousness you can access in the process

There’s nothing safe or comfortable about having your life overturned. Whether the upheaval comes in the form of a world-shaking event or something as intimate as a broken relationship, medical emergency, or personal loss—the result leaves us feeling profoundly disturbed and unsure of what to do next. Yet what if such moments of crisis were actually gateways to expanding our consciousness and finding more freedom than we ever thought possible? At these times, we enter what Valerie Gangas calls “deep shift.”

For Valerie, her own deep shift came after she lost her mother. In her struggles with depression and despair, she became fascinated by what comes next when our lives are upended. “There’s no ‘back to normal,’” she says. “Deep shifting is a process that means letting go of the person you thought you were. These times compel us to turn to what we’re all here to do—wake up, transform, and come home to our true selves.”

In Deep Shift walks you through the journey from the moment “shift really hits the fan” to your return to the world as a changed human. Here, Valerie offers research-driven insights, relatable stories, and practices and journal exercises to help reframe the hard times, embrace change as a gateway to awakening—and ultimately learn to become a “natural shifter” who can flow gracefully with whatever life throws at you.

Valerie shares the profound, often hidden benefits of being “in deep shift,” including:

  • Freedom from troubling distractions and anxiety about the future
  • Knowing it’s okay to just be you
  • Resting in deep acceptance of what is instead of fixating on what you may have wanted
  • Enhanced mental clarity and creativity
  • Feeling more emotionally grounded and balanced
In Deep Shift is an empowering guide, offering reassurance and support during times of major life change—to help you remember that even in the hardest times, your sense of hope, purpose, and joy is always within reach.
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Valerie Gangas

About Valerie Gangas

Valerie Gangas is a speaker, transformational life coach, and author who specializes in helping people gain a deeper understanding of who they are, so they can genuinely thrive and unleash their magic more fully. She has worked alongside the David Lynch Foundation and Oprah Winfrey, speaking to large groups nationwide about meditation and the benefits of expanding consciousness, and has contributed to Thrive Global and Spirituality & Health. She lives in Iowa. For more, visit

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