Joyfully Just

Black Wisdom and Buddhist Insights for Liberated Living
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Paperback Book
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Joyfully Just is a tour de force of insights and practices from Black cultural traditions and Buddhism to help overcome injustice with courage, playful curiosity, and joy. Dr. Kamilah Majied offers original practices that invite us to play with ways of being just toward ourselves, our friends, our families, our communities, and the world.

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Liberating meditation practices drawn from Black cultural traditions and Buddhism to bring forth courage, transform grief, defeat injustice, and manifest joy

Many of us have come to think about justice as a “struggle,” a cause to fight for in the world. But what if the work of justice begins within? What if there were a way to find joy in the journey toward justice?

With Joyfully Just, Dr. Kamilah Majied offers an inspiring and unique approach to overcoming injustice with joy, courage, and playful curiosity. She shares many of the insights and experiences that gave rise to her leadership as a joyful champion of contemplative approaches to mental health and social justice.

Drawing on timeless wisdom from Buddhism and Black traditions, Majied invites us to play with different ways of being just toward ourselves and all life around us. Here, we discover how to:
  • Play with creative and artistic practices to develop critical consciousness and become more mindful, inclusive, and anti-racist
  • Explore language as a pathway to liberation and justice
  • Unlearn and heal from white supremacy, internalized racism, and other forms of oppression and bias
By engaging with these practices, we are able to access the freedom that comes with tearing off the restrictive habits of privilege and internalized oppression as we allow our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls to be liberated, unafraid, and agentive in the world.
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Kamilah Majied

About Kamilah Majied

Dr. Kamilah Majied is a mental health therapist, clinical educator, researcher, and consultant on advancing equity and inclusion using meditative practices. Drawing from her decades of contemplative practice and leadership, Dr. Majied engages people in experiencing wonder, humor, and insight through transforming oppressive patterns and deepening relationships toward ever-improving individual, familial, organizational, and communal wellness. To find out more visit