Master of You

A Five-Point System to Synchronize Your Body, Your Home, and Your Time with Your Ambition
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Paperback Book
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We all have some dream or ambition that always seems like it remains on the horizon. How can you rise to finally meet yours? In Master of You, wellness expert Cate Stillman draws inspiration from the five primal elements of Ayurveda to show you how to organize your space, clear away unnecessary habits, and take charge of the destiny you’ve long deferred.
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Wellness Expert Cate Stillman Walks You Through a System for Evolving Every Aspect of Your Life Through the Five Elements of Ayurveda 
Do you ever sense that there’s a gap between your full potential and how you live your day-to-day life? If so, wellness expert Cate Stillman has a breakthrough solution. In Master of You, Cate presents an innovative program for embracing and accelerating your true capabilities—all through the five fundamental elements of Ayurveda.
Master of You shows you how to align every aspect of your life with who you want to become next. Rather than quick fixes and life hacks, Cate offers element-by-element instruction on how to organize your home (space), optimize your biorhythms (earth), clarify your ambitions (fire), realign your relationship with time (air), and embody integrity and flow in your daily life (water).
Through concentrated inquiry, dozens of practices, and a deep dive into the alchemical power of Ayurveda, Master of You will guide you in how to clear away obstacles and empower your own evolution. Here you will discover:

  • Practices for checking in on your body, mind, and spirit with clear eyes
  • How to recognize and bridge the gaps in your personal integrity
  • Important habits for honoring and nurturing your body’s natural rhythms
  • How to confidently step up for your dreams through pilgrimage and vision quests
  • The five bodies you need to consider and nourish as you progress
  • How your past experiences and ingrained habits shape you from the cells up
  • The inherent paradoxes of mastering the element of air (time)
  • How to practice fasting for better nourishment (and enjoyment!) from food
  • Why mastering integrity and flow is the linchpin of the elemental process
  • How to discern the signs pointing toward your true dharma
“What if you met your present realities, challenges, and opportunities facing forward, rooted from within, activating support from all around you?” writes Cate. “What if you could design for and actualize the life beyond your wildest dreams? Who could you become?” With Master of You, you too can take the reins of your life, reorient toward what makes you thrive, and bridge the gap between the possible and the actual.
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Cate Stillman

About Cate Stillman

Cate Stillman has been teaching audiences how to create health and wellness through yoga and Ayurveda since 2001. She hosts the Yogahealer Real Thrive Show, a weekly podcast featuring dozens of experts in the field. She splits her time between the Idaho border country and Mexico.