Nourishing Your Nervous System

What You Need to Know to Care for Yourself in Stressful Times
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How can we move out of “fight, flight, or freeze” and into a place of safety and equanimity? In Nourishing Your Nervous System, four diverse teachers share a wealth of accessible tools and embodiment practices to help you regulate and tend to your nervous system for greater health, connection, and joy.

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Step into greater embodiment and peace with powerful practices for regulating your nervous system.

How can we care for ourselves during tumultuous times? When we’re under stress or experiencing anxiety, many of us try to “think” our way into feeling better. In reality, the answers we seek can’t be found in our minds—our true path to healing lies in the body.

With Nourishing Your Nervous System, you’ll discover a wealth of accessible tools and practices for tending to your body at the most fundamental level—that of the nervous system—so you can tune in to a calm confidence no matter how stressful life becomes.

Taught by four internationally respected women, this in-depth audio program offers a multi-faceted approach for healing from stress, anxiety, and trauma. With each lesson, you’ll cultivate skills to help you shift from “fight, flight, or freeze” into a more holistic and embodied state of peace, connection, and well-being. Practices include somatic meditations, energy healing techniques, movement and breathwork, regulating the gut-brain connection, and more.

Highlights include:

  • Powerful movement, breathwork, and meditation practices for connecting to your body’s wisdom
  • Understanding the foundations of polyvagal theory
  • Somatic meditations for healing trauma
  • The spiritual and energetic dimensions of your nervous system
  • How to heal the gut-brain connection and regulate your enteric nervous system with food
An empowering and accessible program, Nourishing Your Nervous System will help you build resilience, heal from trauma, increase vitality, and reduce the overall effects of stress so you can thrive in even the most challenging times.
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Melissa Brown

About Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown is a somatic counselor and Hellerwork Structural Integration practitioner in Victoria, BC.