Psychotherapy 2.0 2016

Leading-Edge Discoveries and Teachings on Neuroscience,Trauma, Mindfulness, and Attachment Therapy
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Join us for 20 hours of leading-edge discoveries and teachings on neuroscience, trauma, mindfulness, and attachment therapy. We’ve brought together some of the most respected names in the field to present their in-depth research and explorations in healing so you can gain ideas, processes, and tools that you can put to work with your clients.
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Join host Dr. Diane Poole Heller for 20 hours of leading-edge discoveries and teachings on neuroscience, trauma, mindfulness, and attachment therapy during the Psychotherapy 2.0 online training summit. It’s your opportunity to learn about changes in our field and to explore new ideas that matter in your professional practice and life.

This is a training summit geared toward professionals. We’ll go beyond ordinary interviews. Each speaker will present a body of knowledge from their passionate, in-depth research and explorations in healing trauma and attachment wounds. We've brought together some of the most respected names in the field—visionaries such as Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Dr. Diana Fosha, Dr. Jack Kornfield, Drs. Gay and Katie Hendricks, Dr. Steven Hayes, and Dr. Richard Schwartz.

You can learn how to integrate cutting-edge discoveries and practical applications of mindfulness and neuroscience that support true healing. Our goal is that you will have access to ideas, processes, tools, and best practices that you can use directly in your sessions.
With the Psychotherapy 2.0 online training summit, you’ll access digital recordings of 14 training sessions and interviews, plus downloadable presentations, worksheets, and transcripts of the sessions. In addition, you’ll receive a bonus online video course and gifts from presenters, including special lectures, articles, interviews, and assessments. 


  • Richard Schwartz
  • Diane Poole Heller
  • Terry Real
  • Stan Tatkin
  • Jack Kornfield
  • Many More
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Diane Poole Heller

About Diane Poole Heller

Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D., is an established expert in the field of Child and Adult Attachment Theory and Models, trauma resolution, and integrative healing techniques. Diane developed her own signature series on Adult Attachment called DARe (Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience) also known as SATe (Somatic Attachment Training experience). Dr. Heller began her work with Dr. Peter Levine, founder of SETI (Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute) in 1989. As Senior Faculty for SETI, she taught Somatic Experiencing® trauma work internationally for over 25 years. As a dynamic speaker and teacher, Diane has been featured at prestigious international events and conferences. She is the author of numerous articles in the field. Her book “Crash Course” on auto accident trauma resolution is used worldwide as a resource for healing a variety of overwhelming life events. Her film, “Surviving Columbine,” produced with Cherokee Studios, aired on CNN and supported community healing in the aftermath of the school shootings. Sounds True recently published Dr. Heller’s audio book: “Healing Your Attachment Wounds: How to Create Deep and Lasting Relationships” and her upcoming book, “The Power of Attachment: How to Create Deep and Lasting Intimate Relationships.”

Richard C. Schwartz

About Richard C. Schwartz

Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, is the creator of Internal Family Systems, a highly effective, evidence-based therapeutic model that de-pathologizes the multipart personality. His IFS Institute offers training for professionals and the general public. Formerly an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago and later at Northwestern University, he is currently on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. He has published five books and is a sought-after presenter. For more, visit

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