Radically Reframing Relationships

Today’s Groundbreakers on How to Strengthen Your Relationships at Work, at Home, in Friendship, and in Love
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It’s often said that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. So how do we strengthen our relationships at work, at home, in friendship, and in love to make for a happier, more fulfilling life? Maria Shriver’s Radically Reframing Relationships summit answers this question and more.

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Get Lifetime Access to This Master Class on How to Enrich the Quality of Your Relationships and Your Life

In a time when we're all so connected by technology—when it’s easy to pick up a device and connect with others on video calls, social media, and messaging apps—science tells us that there’s simply no substitute for meaningful, in-person human connection.

So how do we increase the quality of our relationships at home and work, or meet new people to expand our social circle, for a happier, more fulfilling life?

Maria Shriver partnered with Sounds True to create the Radically Reframing Relationships summit to help answer these important questions.

During these powerful sessions, you’ll discover:

  • Surprising findings from the world’s longest scientific study of happiness—the Harvard Study of Adult Development—and how we can create happier, more fulfilling lives through our connections to others
  • Proven ways to develop deep, intimate friendships that lift us up, feed our souls, and give us strength when times are tough
  • The scientific formula for lasting love from the world’s leading relationship scientists
  • The secrets to healthy conflict resolution—or how to “fight right”—so that when conflict arises at home or work, we’re able to reach common ground, resolve issues, and create a stronger bond with the other person
  • How to navigate fractured relationships with family members that seem impossible to mend, and when and how to set healthy boundaries to protect our peace and our space
  • Proven ways to heal and nourish the most important relationship we’ll ever have—the one with ourself—so we bring even more of our best self to all of our personal and professional relationships

Act now and you’ll receive:

  • Lifetime access to all 11 sessions—more than seven hours of transformative content including audio-only downloads—of this master class with today’s groundbreakers on how to enrich your relationships at home and work
  • Downloadable transcripts from each session so you can follow along as you’re watching or listening to the content, or read through them and reflect at your own pace anytime you like
  • A powerful Integration Guide full of thought-provoking questions, tools, and tips for integrating the wisdom and key takeaways from each session into your daily life
  • Three exclusive bonuses featuring some of the world’s leading wisdom teachers and spiritual luminaries, designed to support you in your ongoing personal enrichment and growth

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement.

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Maria Shriver

About Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver is a mother of four, an Emmy® and Peabody award-winning journalist, a seven-time New York Times bestselling author, an NBC News special anchor, and founder of the nonprofit Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. Always curious about the world, Maria has devoted her life to reporting on and interviewing some of the biggest changemakers of our time. In addition to her work for NBC News, she is also the founder of the media enterprise Shriver Media, which produces award-winning documentaries and films, bestselling books, a popular podcast, and a beloved popular weekly email newsletter called “The Sunday Paper.” Her latest book, I’ve Been Thinking…, and its companion, I’ve Been Thinking…The Journal, were written to offer wisdom, guidance, and inspiration to those seeking to create a meaningful life.

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