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David Whyte recites poems to the haunting musical accompaniment of Jeff Rona.
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Internationally acclaimed poet and author David Whyte recites poems to the haunting musical composition of renowned film score writer, Jeff Rona. The pieces evoke the starkly beautiful landscapes of the West of Ireland, the internal reverberations of a lost friendship, a remembered Irish mother and a close relationship to the land and sea. The cycle of pieces combine to transport the listener to a profoundly moving experience of time itself: past, present and possible future caught and held together through the joys and heartaches, the sheltering dark and the new light of a human life.

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Contents Digital Audio (40 minutes)
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David Whyte

About David Whyte

David Whyte grew up with a strong, imaginative influence from his Irish mother among the hills and valleys of his father’s Yorkshire. He now makes his home in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The author of twelve books of poetry and four books of prose, David Whyte holds a degree in marine zoology and has traveled extensively, including living and working as a naturalist guide in the Galapagos Islands and leading anthropological and natural history expeditions in the Andes, Amazon, and Himalaya. He brings this wealth of experience to his poetry, lectures, and workshops. David’s life as a poet has created a readership and listenership in three normally mutually exclusive areas: the literate world of readings that most poets inhabit, the psychological and theological worlds of philosophical inquiry, and the world of vocation, work, and organizational leadership.

Author photo © Bodi Hallett