The Conscious Wedding Handbook

How to Create Authentic Ceremonies That Express Your Love
Paperback Book
Paperback Book
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The Conscious Wedding Handbook is an in-depth guide to creating the ideal ceremony for you and your partner—but more importantly, this book will support you in honoring your relationship as a sacred path of mutual growth and ever-deepening love. Filled with dozens of practical exercises, journaling activities, sample ceremonies, and much more.
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The joining of two people in a committed relationship is sacred. Why? Because our intimate partnerships offer an unparalleled path to the highest expression of our love for each other and for the whole of life. The Conscious Wedding Handbook was created to support couples who are beginning their adventure together, or who want to deepen or revivify an existing relationship.
How do we design a wedding ceremony that expresses the depths of our commitment and the shared vision for our marriage? What are the building blocks of a lasting partnership that will bring out the best in everyone? Lila and David address these questions and more, empowering readers with practical exercises for sustaining conscious partnership and covering everything from writing your own wedding vows, to choosing facilitators and guests, to the “Sacred Moment” at the core of a conscious wedding.

Exercises include:

  • Origin Story, explore together where you've come from and where you're going as you honor the passion and power underlying your relationship
  • Knots, identify the growth areas in your partnership and unravel the tensions that bind up your energy
  • Concentric Circles, investigate the mythic underpinnings of your relationship to help maintain a healthy perspective when dramas arise
  • Befriending the Sacred Elements, excite your mutual appreciation of beauty while getting relaxed and grounded in your body
  • Releasing, let go of attachments to both the good and the bad times to make room for something new and wonderful
  • Communion, bring deeper unity to your partnership, "intertwined with heaven above and earth below"
  • Coming to Agreement, illuminate the social and practical vows you've made, including your "soul-to-soul" non-negotiables
  • This Sacred Moment, acknowledge how every minute of the day becomes an opportunity to celebrate our co-creation with life
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David and Lila Sophia Tresemer

About David and Lila Sophia Tresemer

Lila Sophia Tresemer is a group facilitator, ceremonialist, and transdenominational minister. With her husband, David, she cofounded the StarHouse spiritual learning center in their hometown of Boulder, Colorado. David Tresemer, PhD (1948–2024) was a psychologist, associate professor, and author of numerous books. For more, visit